February 26 2017

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Face Plus Medispa are industry leaders in facial aesthetic treatments.

The friendly team are dedicated to consistently deliver proven results with bespoke treatments to all clients at each and every visit.

Face Plus are the tastemakers and key influencers in the market, providing clients with both the industry’s most advanced, and more traditional rejuvenation techniques.

The experienced and genuine team are highly qualified with many years of experience in their specific area of expertise.

Visit one of Face Plus Medispa’s high-end clinics for a comprehensive and informative skin assessment or cosmetic consultation and receive a rejuvenation plan that is customised specifically for you.

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Garden Fresh: High performance masks

Ten, there are a total of TEN fruit and veg related masks available at face Plus Medispa, did you know that? We have separated them out based on their brand name and not who and what they are best suitable for.
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Slick: Shine Proof

There is a difference between having shiny skin and glowing skin! We want glow not shine, am I, right? It may be due to warm weather, being in the hot seat or a stressful situation but there is nothing too glam about an oily t-zone “shining bright like a diamond” through your make up.
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All yours: The perfect red for YOU

Everyone loves wearing red lippy but are you wearing the right shade for you? There are also a lot of people who say “I can’t wear red lipstick”. It comes down to finding the right colour and texture that is right for you!
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Laser Light Therapy

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Lazer Pigment Duration


Juvaderm Filler Injection

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Juvaderms Filler Injection

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Lazer Light Theraphy

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