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8 Things to know about Reiki

8 things to know about Reiki

After trying Reiki for the first time, Yeong Sassall recounts her experience with the energy healing therapy

Let me start by saying, until a few years ago I had absolutely no idea in hell what Reiki even was. It was introduced to me by a friend of a friend who was studying to be a practitioner, and as she tried to explain about shifting energy, I was, admittedly, intrigued/confused. While I wouldn’t call myself overly New Age-y, nor a total sceptic, my belief in that whole kind of other realm (alternative therapy, mysticism, astrology etc) can be summed up as “Hey, I’m curious and I’d give most things a try, at least once”. So when the opportunity to experience Reiki first-hand came, I went in with no expectations and no idea really what was going to happen.

Below, a summary of everything I learned and experienced during my Reiki session.

1. Officially, Reiki can be categorised as a healing technique that basically just shifts energy in the body.
If that seems like a really vague, mumbo-jumbo sentiment, bear with me. My Reiki healer Tania Dobbie explains it as universal energy. “The difference between Reiki and other healing techniques is your receive no treatment,” she says. “When we do Reiki we actually receive Reiki and the energy comes through us. It’s whatever your body is ready to process it will be how your session goes.”

8 things to know about Reiki

2.  The practice of Reiki has its roots in Japan.
“It all goes back to doctor Mikao Usui,” says Tania. “He hurt himself on a mountain in Japan, but then the universal energy came through him and healed him.” According to Usui, there are five principles of Reiki, which are:

–          Just for today do not be angry
–          Just for today do not worry
–          Just for today be grateful
–          Just for today work hard
–          Just for today be kind to others

3. Anyone can benefit from Reiki.
“It’s basically used to balance emotional, mental and physical energy. It helps to heal the body, reduce stress and provide relaxation,” explains Tania. It was reportedly used after the Hiroshima bomb went off in Japan in 1945. “[Mikao Usui] attuned a lot of people – he came and helped with the healing and the trauma. Even in America Reiki is used in hospitals for cancer patients – it’s actually recognised as healing.”

4. Many people have regular Reiki sessions.
“It’s like massage, you’ll know when you need to come,” says Tania. “I have a person that comes and sees me once a month. Every session is completely different.”

8 things to know about Reiki

Tania Dobbie practising Reiki

5. Like yoga, there’s a focus on your breath.
Why? “I like to think of the body is a house, everything that we feel, we take a breath,” says Tania. “[With] prominent things in our life, whether it’s fear, joy, excitement, grief – we usually take a breath and that breath fills up the body. We don’t remember everything; it’s our coping mechanism… But your body remembers everything.”

According to some reports, some people experience difficulty breathing during their session. “Whatever you experience it will pass, just breathe,” suggests Tania. “Sometimes you feel like you can’t breathe, like you’re choking, just keep focusing on breathing and it will release the energy.

6. So, what happens during a session?
During your session, your Reiki practitioner will lay you on the table and ask you to focus on breathing normally. Your healer will then go to work, moving their hands (but never touching) above different parts of your body. “What your body is ready to release, it will release,” says Tania. While people’s Reiki experiences vary wildly (more on that later), a Reiki master healer will be able to pick up on the energy they feel in your body.

“When I put your hands on you I can usually feel pain and you might feel an emotional response – sadness, joy, laughter,” says Tania “You might feel very hot, very cold, you might have some memory come through the tissue. I don’t talk to you at all during the session, otherwise it becomes about me and it’s all about you.”

8 things to know about Reiki

7. Once the Reiki session is over, your master healer will then discuss what they felt.
“I’ll talk to you at the end of the session about what I feel and then I’ll talk to you about what you felt. You’ll definitely feel very relaxed [afterwards]. You might feel very tired because emotional release, energetic release is more intense than physical release. And also, we’re not always aware of what we’re carrying.”

For me, this is where things got personal… and eerily accurate. While I’ll refrain from going into the private stuff, there were lifestyle matters that Tania picked up on almost immediately. While I didn’t have any problem breathing, at one point during my session, when Tania passed her hands over my head and neck, I felt a tingly, electrical sensation. As we discussed what happened afterwards, Tania asked me if I worked around a lot of computer screens and did I have two monitors. Working in an open plan office where I am literally surrounded by computers and being the only member of my team with two screens, this kind of freaked me out. Apparently she could feel a buzzing, electrical energy – likely from the computers, phones and electronic devices I constantly surround myself with. Hmm.

Tania also sensed intense baby energy around me – also weird, because my I’d justvisited by brother’s newborn the day before. (Freaky or clever coincidence? You decide.) And then there were the personality traits, family history and other random bits and pieces… Being slightly cynical, I tried not to reveal too much about myself in the beginning, but it was certainly interesting seeing what Tania picked up without a word from me.

8 things to know about Reiki

The Face Plus Medispa at Bondi Beach

8. Everyone experiences Reiki differently.
I spoke to friends who also visited Tania and had their own Reiki experiences and we all compared notes. While we were mixture of cynics and believers (as in, the kind to see a psychic), we all had markedly different reactions. One person felt the aforementioned choking sensation, another was completely freaked out by the experience, and another reportedly had a deceased family member watching over her during the session. Some of us were surprised by what Tania brought up and others were shaken; but we all left feeling that something had definitely happened during our session.

For me personally, I ended my Reiki session feeling calmer than when I went in, and left thinking about how to tackle all the personal and lifestyle-related issues we had talked about. To this day, I can’t quite explain even what happened during my session, but I’m definitely intrigued enough to try it again. 

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Five all-natural hacks for ridding dark circles that actually work

Tired looking eyes, be gone.

We’ve all been there, slathering ourselves with concealer (amongst other desperate alternatives) in the hopes that those dark, dreary circles under our eyes will miraculously disappear. The result? A puffy, inconsolable aftermath.

So how to tackle dark discolouration in an easy fix and without lashing out financially? Vogue sought at-home solutions from Kim Robinson, advanced dermal and laser therapist at Face Plus Medispa, to fix our dark circle woes once and for all. Below, five natural remedies for ridding dark circles sans fuss that actually work:

1.    Cucumber

The salad essential contains skin lightening and shrinking properties, and also allows for an immediate soothing and refreshing effect.

How to: slice cucumber pieces into thin, 1cm slices, placing them in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes. Place the chilled slices on to the dark circles for 10 minutes and then wash the area with water. Done twice daily for a week will alleviate the pressure and allow circles to fade.

2.    Potato

This starchy vegetable contains natural bleaching properties, assisting with lightening dark circles and removing puffiness.

How to: cut thick potato slices and place over the dark area for about 10 to 15 minutes. Repeating twice daily for a few weeks will assist in removing dark circles.

3.    Tomato and lemon juice

Tomato and Vitamin C in lemons has bleaching properties that assist with lightening of the skin – either alone or combined together.

 How to: mix one teaspoon of fresh tomato juice and half a teaspoon of fresh lemon juice together. Tap the mixture onto the dark circles, rinsing off after 10 minutes. Repeat twice a day for a few weeks for visible results.

4.    Extra virgin coconut oil

Coconut oil has properties that promote smooth skin and prevent fine lines and wrinkles.

How to: lightly massage extra virgin coconut oil below the eye area – two to three times daily – for a few weeks or until dark circles are removed.

5.    Green tea bags

The caffeine and antioxidants found in green tea bags assist in lightening dark circles and reduce puffiness under the eyes by shrinking blood vessels and reducing fluid retention.

How to: wet two teabags (one for each eye) and place them in the refrigerator to chill for 30 minutes. Place on eyes and leave for 10 to 15 minutes, remembering to wash your face after removing the teabags. Repeated twice daily for two to three weeks will decrease both swelling and discolouration.

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Weird & Wonderful Beauty Treatments #Trending In Sydney Right Now

An Immune Boosting And Radiance Increasing IV Drip
Struck down by the dreaded winter flu this year? Skin looking a little sad and dull? Enter an IV-drip. This signature treatment involves hooking yourself (ahem, we mean a nurse hooking you up) to an IV-drip to infuse your temple (that’s your body, guys) with alllll the vitamins, such as Vitamin C, powerful antioxidants, Zinc and Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5 and B6.

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Reiki, Face Plus Medispa, Bondi Beach


Apprehension was the main feeling I had walking into my Reiki session at Face Plus Medispa, Bondi Beach. A previous bad experience, with the only feeling being that I had wasted my time, meant I walked into the appointment with no expectations. The Reiki practitioner Tania calmly greeted me, outlined the process, and clarified that she wouldn’t speak throughout but would then discuss everything afterwards. She explains that Reiki “is a Japanese energy healing technique which channels energy from the practitioner to the patient. It can be applied by touching the body directly or by holding the hands over the client in their auric field. It reduces stress, promotes relaxation and activates healing to restore emotional and physical wellness in the client.”

Everyone has a very different experience, however I found Tania’s energy to be very calming. I had some intense thoughts that came up through the experience (call them epiphanies, if you will) and felt an amazing sense of calm. With the previous belief that massage is best for stress relief, Reiki was a revelation for me. Tania then also gives you her thoughts post-session, based on her findings, and some take-home practices. A must-try for the mind-body total connection.

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I Met With a Master Healer, and the Experience Gave Me Goosebumps

When I received an email asking if I wanted to trial a reiki session with one of Sydney’s most sought-after master healers, I thought why not? I wouldn’t call myself spiritual, but at the same time, I’m not opposed to it (I mean, I’ve dabbled in meditation, and that counts, right?). I admit my initial thoughts were that perhaps pieces of crystal would be balanced along the length of my spine, and I’d even receive a little light massage. But I was wrong. Admittedly, I didn’t even Google reiki beforehand, and I think I’m glad I didn’t. What ended up happening was quite intense, and very personal, so much so that I second-guessed writing about it—but I think that a lot of people who have been curious about it, will appreciate my first-hand account, so here we go.

To give a little context, I’m 23 and work in digital publishing (captain obvious, I know). I work long hours, but I love my job and receive so much enjoyment and fulfillment from it. I eat well, exercise regularly, have a wonderful family, and live in beautiful Sydney. My life is really special, this I know. At the time of my appointment, I’d had a stressful week (bills and fines, to put it bluntly), but I didn’t think I harbored any bad energy. It seems I was wrong, or burying it, so to speak.

My session was held at Face Plus Medispa in Bondi Beach with master healer Tania Dobbie, who I can’t recommend highly enough. The first thing Tanya did was explain to me that reiki is an ancient Japanese healing practice that charges the body with positive energy, in turn clearing and healing our own energy pathways, and allowing our “life force” to flow in a healthy natural way. Tania explained that while our mind often blocks out certain emotions or experiences by means of a coping mechanism, the body remembers it all. I was told I may feel either very hot, freezing cold, like I’m unable to breathe, or experience memory flashes (among other things)—all the different ways your body can respond. After this, I laid on the bed in a dark room and we began.

Aside from a few warm heat packs and Tania’s hands placed lightly on my back, stomach, ears, and neck, not a whole lot is actually involved. I focused on breathing and clearing my mind, and I found that after a while I zoned out to the point where I wasn’t sure if Tanya had her hands on me at all. I didn’t have vivid flashes in my mind, but I did have some weird moments where I wasn’t sure if I was awake or asleep, or felt my heart rate speed up.

Once we were finished, Tania told me to gently open my eyes before she began to explain everything she felt. One of the first questions she asked me was if I was close to my grandfather. I answered that I was close to both sides, but my mum’s dad had passed within the last few years. She proceeded to tell me that she felt him by my right ear (she described it like a warm feeling). I thought this a little bizarre as my grandfather had a stroke in the left side of his body, so only had use of the right side. My “guide” was the word she used to explain it. Tania also added that I was holding onto a lot of grief, anxiety, and negative energy relating to something traumatic that happened to me as a child. This struck with me as I’ve only ever visited a physic once before, who also told me I had endured something very traumatic as a child. I’ve always thought it was BS (I had a happy childhood, as far as I’m concerned), but just this morning a friend of mine (after I debriefed her about my reiki experience) suggested I ask my mum about my birth, as often a traumatic birth will stay with you for life. I didn’t even need to call my mum—I knew that I was yanked out with forceps, resulting in back problems that have plagued me for the greater part of my life. I’d like to note that Tania also made a point of calling out that physical issues with my back were causing me not to breathe deeply. I admit, this really made a lot of sense and was kind of a light bulb moment for me.

Tania told me the rest of her reading—a lot relating back to stress, too much screen time, and a need to ground myself, and passed on some areas for me to focus on in order to shift some of the negative energy and emotions. Salt lamps and crystals on your desk are supposed to be great at preventing screen radiation from tampering with your energy.

I left feeling a little heavy and very affected, if that makes sense. Plus, I carried everything she said with me for the rest of the day (and even now as I write this story).

Overall, I think it was incredible and I’ll definitely be going back (maybe after I work on my “focus” areas to see if Tania notices anything different). I think that you really do need to go in with an open mind, which I did, but it was amazing to have one person so dedicated and in-tune with I was feeling internally—both consciously and subconsciously. Tania brought to light a lot of issues I didn’t even know I was dealing with. If you’re feeling low, stressed, defeated, or generally down, I really can’t recommend it enough. Likewise, if you’re looking for an overall detoxing experience, it’s 100 percent worth booking in (Tania says it’s actually more detoxifying than some massages).

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We trialled the Immunity Base IV infusion at Face Plus MediSpa, Bondi.

The thought of an intravenous vitamin infusion might fill some people with dread, but the bespoke mix of vitamins at Face Plus Medispa in Bondi acts as an all-in-one cure for energy depletion, jet lag or too many late nights during Fashion Week.

Following a Skype consultation, where all preliminary questions were answered by a doctor, we trialled the Immunity Base IV infusion, administered by a registered nurse. The mix of Vitamin C and other supplements to aid in boosting the immune system was delivered through a drip and took approximately one hour, during which time you can sip on a tea, meditate or check emails. We recommend the treatment for frequent travellers and those with known vitamin deficiencies. If you have any hesitations consult your GP before committing.

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The 20 minute facial for busy mums

Like most mums once you have kids you become very time poor which often means things like your skin and general well-being often take a back seat. Gone are the opportunities to have all afternoon facials, massages and manicures, when the opportunity arises it’s often rushed and against the clock.

Face Plus Medispa in Bondi Beach may have just the answer for time poor mums wanting to help their skin. We all know that pregnancy, sleep deprivation and also growing up in the Australian sun has an impact on how our skin ages and often appears.

They offer a 20 minute facial using Led Light therapy. Natalie from Eastern Suburbs Mums was invited to try this out to get an idea on the treatment, how it worked for her skin and did it really help her own time poor life as a mum of a 5 and 7-year-old.


The venue at Bondi Beach is great, there is parking downstairs underneath the new Woolworths and because it’s school hols I took my two armed with an iPad and a plead to them that I just need 20 mins “can they please behave” in the lovely foyer area talk. They happily agreed and I am whisked away into one of the treatment rooms by consultant, Louise. She assesses my 40 something skin saying it looks tired but is in pretty good nick for my age and that the ‘red’ light (there’s a blue and yellow one too) will be good for my skin as it will rejuvenate the collagen to help plump my skin up.

I lie down and am asked to wear some tiny goggles over my eyes, Louise cleanses my skin then prewarns me that the light is going to start, at first, it’s rather intense in terms of the red on my eyes but Louise is great at reassuring me all is ok and I start to relax, it’s a bit like sunbaking in the sun at the beach with no hat or sunnies on, your eyes see red at first but you slowly go into a relaxed state soaking up the warmth. After a few minutes, I am really drifting off and this is helped even more with the offer of a head, hand or foot massage, I go for the foot this time and pretty much go into a semi-conscious state, I’ve felt like I’ve had the afternoon nap I never get!

I had 6 sessions with the LED Light therapy and was really impressed with the results, I had lot of comments how my skin looked refreshed and very glowing and this was with no makeup on! What I also loved about the treatment was that the therapists were so accommodating for a mum with kids, and I think even if I had a young baby after a feed and knowing they were asleep you could time it and have a quick 20minutes or even get a friend or partner to take baby for a walk as 20minutes is not too long before you start to fret that they are ok. The treatment is safe to do whilst breastfeeding so again from my own experiences an hour-long treatment often was too long as my boobs would be ‘stirring” whilst a 20-minute treatment and catnap is more feasible and also allows you to recharge.

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Everything You Need To Know About Rosacea

Rosacea, beauty, skin

Image: iStock

Flushed cheeks are one thing, but for many people, persistent blotchy, red skin is a daily occurrence.

Rosacea, characterised by chronic inflammation of the skin (particularly on the cheeks, nose, chin and forehead), leaves those who suffer from it perpetually seeking relief from redness. It’s a frustrating and often painful skin affliction as the exact cause is unknown—making it difficult to get a handle on.

So, in an effort to better understand rosacea, we spoke to Advanced Dermal Therapist at Face Plus Medispa, Erin Holohan and Dermal Therapist at Face Plus Medispa, Amy Cameron.

What is rosacea?

“Rosacea is chronic, non-contagious inflammation of the skin, and typically affects the face of both men and women. Symptoms include persistent, severe redness and hard white nodules that resemble blemishes,” explains Cameron.

Holohan adds: “Generally, rosacea is attributed to genetics, and is very common for those with very fair skin tones.”

What’s the difference between “normal” redness (i.e. flushed cheeks) and rosacea?

According to Holohan, normal redness can be caused by weakened blood vessels or having fine skin and doesn’t cause discomfort or pain. Whereas, rosacea can be extremely itchy and irritating, especially during a bad flare-up.

Are there are any triggers that exacerbate rosacea? 

“Hot water, caffeine, spicy foods, alcohol, and windy weather conditions are known to make symptoms worse, so limiting or avoiding exposure to these triggers may be helpful. While using the wrong skin care for your needs can also encourage flare-ups,” says Holohan.

Cameron also notes that emotional stress is a common cause for flare-ups, especially among women.

What’s the best way to treat it? 

Unfortunately, there is no instant miracle fix, but both skin experts agree that you can minimise it with proper care.

“First and foremost, don’t touch it too much! Touching and picking will only make your skin more irritated. Always cleanse with cool water, as the cold helps to reduce both redness and swelling. Look for soothing topical ingredients in beauty products, like green tea, and be wary of fragrances, harsh chemicals, and artificial additives. I recommend Dr. Spiller Sanvita Gel and CreamLaser treatments, like Lime Light IPL, ND YAG (for veins) and Laser Genesis, can also be great for rosacea sufferers,” says Holohan.

It’s also important to take a holistic approach to your lifestyle if you suffer from rosacea. Eating an anti-inflammatory diet can help reduce flare-ups. And beauty blends, like The Beauty Chef’s Inner Glow Powder, can nourish your skin from the inside out.

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a love letter to louise: the woman who made my sh*tty skin better

I’ve got shitty skin. Correction: I HAD shitty skin.

During high school hormones kicked in, I spent most evenings on MSN chatting to my teenage crush and I somehow managed to get away with near perfect skin. While a lot of my friends had to deal with the dreaded acne that comes along with finding hair in weird places and just generally feeling like you had no control over your body, I miraculously got a free pass in that department. But before you start thinking “OK shoosh, we get it adolesence was a breeze for you,” I’ll kindly let you know that I had weird frizzy hair, suspiciously albino eyebrows and I thought you could get away with fake tanning only your legs and not the rest of your body. However, for all those shortcomings I had it pretty good in the skin department.

Cut to last year at the ripe old age of 28 when I came face to face with the devil…ADULT ACNE. Almost overnight I developed big huge cyst-like (sorry for the visuals) blemishes all along my chin and jawline. And sometimes even my forehead – yay! It really threw me. I never expected to be struck down with skin problems at this age. Needless to say I tried every kind of facewash, mask and home remedy on the market. I became a woman obsessed, googling at all hours and without sounding dramatic (ok, that’s a lie I’m incredibly dramatic) it started to effect my personal life. I would avoid going out, spending time with friends and I felt like everyone was looking at my awful face. And on top of all that I was having to film my interviews and news for MTV. Let me tell you, it’s really not nice thinking the whole *internet* is judging you and your rotten skin. As a result I felt incredibly depressed.

(Me seen above smiling but just a real sad sack on the inside.)

I’ve never been one to spend lots of money on skincare products or facials but at that point I needed to throw a hail mary so I booked into Face Plus Medispa in Bondi to get this truly f*cked situation on my mug sorted out.

Enter: Louise, the woman that I can only describe as my skin fairy godmother.

As a complete ~day spa~ novice I really wasn’t sure what to expect. As soon as I walked in I felt like I was inside what I imagine Gwyneth Paltrow’s mind is like. Candles, cucumber water, beautiful coffee table books – the works – invited me in. And then walked through Louise. We discussed at length my issues (both facial and personal – she’s a really great listner. Did I mention I’m needy?) and she immediately put into action a three session treatment plan and assured me I would finish up the process feeling better than even. And you know what, I believed her. Completely.

Due to post inflammatory acne scarring and redness she performed an intial HydroPeptide facial and Pumpkin Peel. I’m not exactly sure what they mean but it felt f*cking fantastic and we finished off with a red LED light session for 20 mins. i.e this thing was on my face.

The second time I saw Louise she remarked on how incredible my skin was looking – something I hadn’t heard in a very very long time. I truly wanted to cry. After another skin peel and LED light treatment I walked out of there feeling like, yep, this is working. And honestly the change in my personna, my energy levels, my zest for life was palpable. I started going out to long lunches again! I love long lunches!

My third and final session with Louise was bittersweet. She popped a Phyto Peel to clear up the P-acne bacteria in my skin followed by a herbal peel (with something like 1,990 herbs in it – ok that’s an embellishment but I felt like some forest pixies had given birth on my face. Which is a really great thing and a sentence I never thought I would type.) Before leaving Louise set me up with a full treatment plan on how I can go about my skincare routing going forward and then we hugged because she truly brought me and my skin back to life. And for that I’ll never be able to thank her enough.

I can now say with confidence that my skin has never looked better. My scarring, blemishes, inflammation and redness have all but gone and most importantly my confidence is back.

If you’re going through a rough trot with your skin, I’m gonna save you a lot of anguish and say – JUST GO SEE LOUISE. And tell her I miss her.

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Could Vaseline be the answer to your acne problems?
Two dermatologists weigh in

We’ve said it countless times before, and we’ll say it again: having acne sucks. Whether you only developed the odd pimple every now and again during your teenage years, or you continue to suffer from constant breakouts well into adulthood, or fall somewhere in between, acne is never fun for anyone.

So, when new ‘cure-alls’ touted by viral Internet threads or various celebrities come to our attention, like Shanina Shaik’s bizarre pimple treatment, we want to make sure there is substance behind the claims.

The latest popular acne treatment comes from a slew of Reddit users who swear Vaseline has cleared up their cystic acne. “Besides [leaving skin] smooth and less red, my favourite thing about Vaseline is that it keeps the skin so soft that whiteheads rise to the top of the skin and after a while can literally be wiped or washed off,” says Reddit user, skincare addiction.

Essentially, the broader claim in the Reddit threat is that Vaseline effectively works as a barrier, locking in all your other acne-fighting skin care products, making them reach deeper and work more effectively.

To find out if the claims in the Reddit thread are substantiated, we went straight to two expert dermatologists and unfortunately, they didn’t think too highly of the Internet hack.

Read on below to find out exactly why using Vaseline as an acne treatment might not be such a good idea.

What is cystic acne? 

According to Advanced Dermal Skin Therapist from Face Plus Medispa, Kimberley Robison, “cystic acne is a severe type of acne in which the pores in the skin become blocked, leading to infection and inflammation.” Robison adds, “cystic acne tends to be irritated and inflamed at times, but the trigger for that is it has been in an ‘aerobic environment’ where the skin can’t breathe or there is a lack of oxygen to the cells.”

Why Vaseline won’t work

While Vaseline is an incredible multitasker and a must-have in your beauty bag, it is occlusive, meaning it acts as a barrier “that seals off the skin from air, water or anything else getting in (or out). Wherever occlusive agents are applied, they form an invisible film on the surface that blocks the pores and the skin’s natural respiration process,” Robison explains.

Additionally, Robison notes that “putting such a product as Vaseline on skin that already isn’t breathing and has high levels of bacteria is definitely not recommended.” She explains, “if Vaseline were used for a duration of time on this skin, it would definitely create [a] breeding ground for bacteria to thrive and cystic acne would definitely worsen”.

It’s also important to note that while Vaseline itself is unlikely to damage skin (unless you’re allergic or suffer a reaction), using Vaseline as a barrier to lock in other products could cause problems. Advanced Dermal Skin Therapist from Face Plus Medispa, Louise Willard notes, “acne treating products tend to have quite strong ingredients such as salicylic or mandelic acids, which have been carefully formulated for specific use. Encapsulating these strong ingredients in Vaseline could see the product not be as effective or potentially burn the skin by being too concentrated in one area.”

What is a more effective pimple treatment? 

Robison’s go-to treatment of cystic acne involves the ‘2 A’ approach. That is, when looking for products to treat breakouts, seek out antibacterial ingredients such as tea tree and triclosan and anti-inflammatory ingredients such as camphor and azulene.

We recommend trying Dr. Spiller Propolis Day Cream

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This is what happens to your skin when you exercise

We all know about the endless list of health benefits associated with regular exercise. To name just a few, not only does a gym session reduce our risk of cardiovascular disease and tone our bodies, it also boosts our mood and helps us maintain a healthy weight. So putting up with a few hours of heavy breathing and sweat every week (even when it’s the last thing we feel like doing) is more than worth it.

What’s lesser known however, are the effects exercise has on our skin. To find out what benefits are being reaped, if working out can actually help to treat skin conditions and to find out how soon you really need to wash your face after a gym session, we spoke to two skin care experts who revealed all.

#1 / The skin benefits from exercising

According to Face Plus Medispa Advanced Dermal and Laser Therapist, Erin Holohan, exercising “boosts oxygen to the surface and assists in feeding the skin. This is because exercising pumps nutrients throughout the body,” which in turn helps to repair the complexion by regenerating cells and increasing collagen production.


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New body boosting treatments that work


Rejuvenate your skin

Your back and décolletage have been tucked away in sweaters and winter attire for months, and ‘dry’ is probably an understatement for how your skin looks and feels. Backs of arms and the back area can also be areas for congestion, break out and scarring.

What your skin deserves is the ultimate rejuvenating peel with no down time. Enter: the B Peel.

The peel is a total reviver; reducing wrinkles, sagging, pigmentation and even cellulite, it’s the perfect treatment to prep your skin for full-time exposure.

Through a thorough method of exfoliation using 16 herbal ingredients, dead skin cells are stripped from unreachable and long unexposed skin areas, revealing new, hydrated and healthy skin that’s ready to take on the warmer months.

Expert Advice: “If you want healthy skin, you need 10-20% water on the epidermis. Without this hydration, the natural process of cell regeneration doesn’t happen. The B Peel can kick start this process to remove build up and flakiness. It’s essential that you follow this up by using an oil based moisturiser (not water) on your body as you would your face, because oil based products penetrate the skin and boost skin’s hydration levels, which in turn means your skin will be balanced and function correctly. “Omniderm skincare expert Sue Dann

We saw (and felt) results after just one treatment, however a course of six treatments over a period of six weeks is recommended for long-term results.

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Why you shouldn’t try this YouTuber’s DIY makeup setting spray 



Setting sprays have undoubtedly become a makeup bag staple in recent years and it’s no wonder when the formulas work to ensure your makeup stays flawless and in place all day long.

However, they are another product in the long list of beauty items that we’re regularly forking out for. That’s why we were so interested when beauty vlogger Tonje of Fluke of Makeup, recently shared her homemade formula, which only consists of two ingredients!

Although traditional makeup setting sprays are formulated with a range of tried and tested ingredients, Tonje believes the two most important ingredients needed for an effective setting spray is glycerin and water. She notes that water works to add moisture while the glycerin functions as the glue that sets makeup onto the skin.

To create her DIY concoction, she simply pours four teaspoons of glycerin (which you can buy at a chemist) into a spray bottle before filling the remainder up with tap water. In the video, Tonje adds a few spritzes of her favourite perfume, however we’d strongly recommend against following her lead. Applying perfume “directly onto the skin is a definite no, no! Perfume is an alcohol and it strips the skin, causing inflammation and redness,” elaborates Face Plus Medispa Dermal Therapist, Erin Holohan.

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This is how you can finally get rid of blackheads



Blackheads are the absolute WORST. Unless you’re watching them get extracted on Dr. Pimple Popper, my secret shame pastime. There’s a lot of confusion around how to treat them, whether you can do at-home extractions, and what they exactly ARE. But one thing is for sure, you’d be hard pressed to find anyone who thinks they’re fab and wants to keep them around.

So, can someone be completely blackhead free? Probably not. But there is a right (and wrong!) way to purge your skin of the annoying little things, so read on if you wanna know (obviously, you definitely do).

First, make sure you’re actually dealing with a blackhead

There are these little things called ‘sebaceous filaments‘, and a lot of people (myself included) get them confused with blackheads. “A sebaceous filament will most commonly be visible on the nose, cheeks and chin and will look like a pin or hair that can be grey, black, tan or flesh coloured,” says Yvonne Culhane, Dermal and Laser Specialist at FacePlus Medispa. “More often than not, they’ll appear in groups on the aforementioned areas”. Given their description, it’s easy to see how you could get confused. Blackheads, on the other hand are blocked pores. “They’re oxidised sebum which appears like a black dot on the pore,” explains Amy Cameron, Dermal and Laser Specialist at FacePlus Medispa.

Don’t bother trying to purge your sebaceous filaments

“Sebaceous filaments can definitely be extracted. But unfortunately the patient will see them return in a matter of weeks,” explains Yvonne. “They’re a natural part of the skin, and much like people with oiler skin than others, some people will over produce sebaceous filaments.” HOW. ANNOYING. On the plus side, it’s unlikely anyone else is noticing your friendly sebaceous filaments besides you. So, there’s that?

Blackheads, on the other hand, can totally GTFO

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Rise of the medispa with ‘top-to-toe overhaul accessible to everyone’


Beauty and health experts include an on-site doctor, a naturopath, a reiki practitioner, registered nurses, and skincare and laser technology experts. There’s a makeup artist to help clients walk out the door looking “as fabulous as they feel” and a somewhat ghoulishly named Drip and Chill Lounge, where you can get intravenous or intramuscular shots of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to help you feel as fabulous as you look.

From cosmeceutical facials to skin needling and light-based treatments or the signature 3½-hour Bondi fusion package (a cocoon wrap, massage, skin rejuvenation facial and endorphin-enhancing light therapy), Face Plus Medispa has the latest technologies and evidence-based medical treatments to repair, replenish and rejuvenate skin, says Mooney.

“Health, wellness and beauty go hand in hand and patients are beginning to better understand the impact these key factors have on one another,” he says.

Before opening the clinic, Mooney says he researched cutting-edge technology in New York and London. “It really reflects the current paradigm for complete healthcare inside and out.”

There’s no doubt medispas are a thing but the term itself is widely used and not definitive.

 A medispa most commonly is somewhere you can get cosmetic as well as traditional facial treatments. Few in Australia have as yet combined cosmetic treatments with holistic wellness offerings.
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Katie Richie: Facials and Treatments


“I have enjoyed many a Dr Spiller facial at Face Plus Medispa over the years. I end up feeling fabulous, but maybe that’s because I sometimes sneak in a snooze too… I have recently had my eyebrows feathered with Gee at GeeGeeBrows. It’s certainly not relaxing but I am loving them and the structure it gives to my face on those makeup-free days is amazing.”

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6 Ways to Avoid Dry Skin


There are so many things that are oh-so great about winter in the beauty and style stakes… From cosy coats to cool-weather layers, dark lip shades and matching nails. Pair with cosying up next to open fires, Netflix binges and eating all of the food and you’re basically set for the season. But winter, in all of its icy glory, is not the greatest thing for your skin. Enter whipping winds, frigid temperatures and throw in your heater or air-conditioning working overtime all day every and you’re left with chapped lips, flaky, temperamental complexions and dry scaly limbs.

Yvonne Culhane, the advanced dermal therapist at Face Plus Medispa tells us that “fluctuation in temperatures can wreak absolute havoc on the skin barrier, stripping natural oils and water from your skin. Temperature fluctuations from going between a heated home or office to braving the outside world can also disturb your skins PH levels.” The result? Dry, flaky winter-induced skin (not cute). We get it, maintaining glowing skin as the humidity drops is no easy task, which is exactly why we’ve rounded up six tips to SOS (save our skin) this winter… Get ready to say hello to much needed moisture and impeccable complexions.

#1 Moisturise, Moisturise, Moisturise

It sounds simple, we know. But so, so hard when we’re covering our limbs in layers upon layers. Opt for a heavier, thicker, more nourishing moisturiser for the colder season ahead and look for ingredients such as lanolin, shea butter, ceramides, jojoba and hyaluronic acid.

  • For your face, try: Kate Somerville Goat Milk Moisturizing Cream layered with a booster such as Dermalogica’s Skin Hydrating Booster.
  • For your body, try: Ella Bache Water Source Crème that is rich in lanolin and keeps your limbs as soft as soft can be while providing a protective barrier from the elements. Or to smell as good as you are soft-skinned, try the newCookies and Cream body cream from frank body (couple it with the Cacao Coffee Scrub and you’re set!). The newly released Mesoestetic Stem Cell Body Serum is light in weight but is also wonderfully hydrating and anti-aging (and smells good too!).

#2 Try New Ingredients

New seasons and new temperatures call for new ingredients. Try adding these ingredients to your winter skincare regime to keep flakiness and redness at bay.

  • Sunflower Oil: Sunflower Oil locks in moisture and prevents water loss while also reducing inflammation (hello glowy skin!) We love Danne Montague King’s Hydroloc Crème—it keeps even the driest of skin hydrated and healthy.
  • Vitamin A: The skin experts at Faceplus Medispa say that winter is the perfect time to improve skin clarity and hyperpigmentation (AKA all those ‘new’ freckles you acquired over summer…) Try Ultraceuticals MD Vitamin A Refining Serum.
  • Hyaluronic Acid: For hydration and luminosity on demand, try a serum enriched with hyaluronic acid (it’s a miracle ingredient that can hold up to 1000x its weight in water!) We love DermaQuest Skin Rehydrating Serum.
  • Ferulic: Never heard of ferulic? Neither had we. Ferulic replenishes moisture while promoting collagen production and is found in the seeds of fruits. But you can find it in Dr. Dennis Gross’ Overnight Serum.

#3 Make Friends With Oil

Lock in moisture (and lock OUT flaky skin) by introducing all things oil to your winter beauty arsenal. Try swapping your gel or cream cleanser for an oil cleanser and lock in your body lotion by quickly applying a super nourishing body oil on top. If your complexion gets a little drier in winter as the temperature drops, try adding a facial oil to your skincare regime before you pop on your moisturiser for added glow. We can’t go past Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate that’s enriched with oils including lavender, evening primrose and squalane.

#4 Embrace A Mask

Give your skin a little more love and introduce a weekly face mask to your skincare regime this winter. Pop on a mask just before bed or hunt down an overnight mask to protect your skin while you sleep (with the heater on tropical temperature)… We are obsessed with Verso Skincare’s Deep Hydration Mask (that locks in moisture that lasts up to 120 hours!), MagicStripes Hyaluronic Facial Treatment Mask and Clairns Hydroquench Cream Mask.

#5 Oxygenate Your Skin With A Fancy Facial

They say your skin is a product of your environment… Which means in the midst of winter, your skin is going to require a little extra TLC to keep it luminous. Try a facial that oxygenates your skin, which will repair and strengthen your skin, allowing it to function better and absorb products more effectively.

Try Face Plus Medispa’s Oxygen Facial or Danne Montague King’s cult-status Enzyme Therapy Facial (available at salons and clinics nationwide).

#6 Don’t Be Afraid To Exfoliate

If you find that your skin is dry, tight and starting to flake—it means you have a build-up of dry skin cells. Instead of over-moisturising (which can actually do more harm than good) use a gentle exfoliator to buff away the old skin cells and reveal shiny new ones, try exfoliating at least once a week and follow with your favourite face mask or facial oil. Try ExfoliKate Intensive Exfoliating Treatment to reveal wonderfully smooth and bright skin. For the body, the Handsome Devils Co. Coconut Body Scrub is a winner.

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Beauty goes beyond skin deep: We try the IV vitamin cocktail rumoured to be behind Kim Kardashian’s Met Gala glow 


  • Kim Kardashian is rumoured to have an IV treatment for glowing skin
  • New ‘Drip and Chill’ lounge at Face Plus MediSpa has opened in Bondi
  • IV treatments on the rise as a hangover or jetlag cure, and for energy
  • As a beauty treatment, they are being used for hydration and cell renewal
  • YouTube star Chloe Morello and former NRL star Braith Anasta are fans

When Kim Kardashian stepped on to the red carpet at the Met Gala last month, it wasn’t just her glittering Balmain dress that turned heads.

The star’s skin glowed under the flashbulbs, her flawless complexion laid bare by her slicked back hairstyle.

At the time, rumours circulated that Kim’s luminous appearance wasn’t just down to excellent make up, but that the 35-year-old had some help of the intravenous variety, too.


As Daily Mail reported last month, Kim, 35, is understood to have had a visit from New York service The I.V. Doc for a hydration treatment just hours ahead of the star-studded gala.

Kim reportedly chose the USD $399 ‘Beautify’ treatment, containing a mix of B vitamins, electrolytes, and anti-inflammatory medication to help with healthy skin and hair, ‘leaving you looking beautiful and radiant.’

‘She wanted to have a glow for the red carpet,’ a source told Page Six at the time.

They added: ‘So she ordered a treatment with plenty of vitamins along with the fluids and electrolytes.’

Drip and chill: A new ‘Drip and Chill’ Lounge at Face Plus MediSpa at Bondi Beach offers IV vitamin treatment

Intravenous vitamin infusions to boost energy, immunity and for rehydration are nothing new, but they are gaining popularity as an alternative and souped-up jetlag and hangover cure, and now, as a speedy and effective beauty treatment, with Kardashian leading the way.

Skin rejuvenation and cell renewal are some of the benefits promised by Face Plus MediSpa’s new Bondi Beach branch, which features a ‘Drip and Chill’ Lounge.

‘IV therapy delivers nutrients such as vitamins and antioxidants directly into your bloodstream,’ Facial Cosmetic Surgeon & Founder of Face Plus Medispa, Dr William Mooney, told Daily Mail Australia.

‘Bypassing the gut, the nutrients are not only detoxing but also have a positive influence on your skin.’

Local fans of Drip and Chill lounge include YouTube star Chloe Morello and Braith Anasta, who called the treatment ‘a life changer’.

On a mission to replicate Kim’s glow, I signed up for cocktail of Hartman’s solution and IV-B Dose, made up of vitamins B1, B2,B3,B5 and B6.

Inside the sleek monochrome Drip and Chill lounge at FacePlus Medispa, clients lounge in comfy recliners after a doctor or registered nurse inserts an IV drip. A snack of trail mix, sliced apple and grapes is provided, while iPads, headphones and magazines are on hand to keep you entertained.

Fans: YouTube star and beauty blogger Chloe Morello is a fan of the IV treatment

‘Life changer’: Braith Anasta gushed that he’d ‘finally found the perfect recovery for my body’

Afterwards, I certainly felt more energised, and noticed a subtle boost in my complexion. ‘Before and after’ selfies don’t reveal a significant transformation, so I asked a friend’s opinion, who agreed I looked ‘nice and glowy’.

‘Studies have shown that after IV Nutrient therapy, patients skin appears to be less dry and more radiant,’ Dr Mooney told me.

‘Vitamin C has a key role in the production of collagen. When it is given intravenously, much higher blood levels are produced saturating our tissues.

‘This creates a more radiant healthy appearance. IV C, together with other nutrients such as Vitamin Bs, Glutathione, Alpha Lipoic Acid helps the liver remove and eliminate harmful toxins.

‘Glutathione, a powerful antioxidant, also reduces melanin production and assists with skin hydration.’

IV treatments at Face Plus Medispa in Bondi Beach start from $145 AUD.

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If a cannula and intravenous drip doesn’t phase you, the Drip and Chill lounge is your next port of ‘beauty’ and ‘wellness’ call

What started as a hangover cure in LA, New York and London a few years ago has morphed into the newest frontier of beauty and wellness treatments.

On a rainy and cold Sunday arvo and I tested out the new Drip & Chill Lounge at Bondi’s new Face plus Medispa. The aim of this treatment? “to give back to the body that has taken care of you”.

Basically, you sit around for an hour with a cannula in your arm as it drips and slowly feeds goodness, in the form on vitamins in a saline solution, into any kind of slightly dilapidated human system.

“The Drip and Chill Lounge has a qualified doctor on site to prescribe a bespoke intravenous or intramuscular shot of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants,” says the medispa founder, Dr William Mooney.

“It’s a safe and effective way to help you feel on top of the world.”

Dr Mooney says the IV is a way of rebooting your cells and “lifts your performance using a potent bespoke blend of antioxidants, vitamins”.

I went for vitamins B and C and a super-duper rehydration (sodium chloride) drip, all infused using an intravenous IV and it’s all performed in a specially-designed and cornered off private lounge area.

Once I walked into the very sleek-looking spa at Bondi Beach in the former Swiss Grand Hotel space, I was offered herbal tea or water before filling out a full-on health crib sheet.
Then, the spa’s doctor explained and asked how I was feeling and what I thought I was lacking.

I wanted more energy. I needed some stamina.
So, after the very easy insertion of the IV drip — fortunately needles don’t worry me — some nuts, grapes, a protein ball, water and an ipad (for music or work pleasure) was placed beside me.


The good doc told me to keep hydrating with the water supplied as I reclined, relaxed and attempted to be rebooted and rehydrated via my new friend, the drip.

He said it is especially important at this time of the year to stay hydrated as we lose so much water being in and out of heated offices, homes and work environments.

(By the way, the services are administered by either a registered nurse or doctor after a thorough medical consultation to determine suitability and best practice. All products are Therapeutic Goods Administration approved, the TGA.)

Time for a mid-year re-boot

“Looking good on red carpets and for special events have changed into a two prong attack,” adds Dr Mooney.

“It is maintenance like Botox and then it is va-va-voom, a few days before an event, and a drip will give you that extra glow, that extra spring in your step.

“It is de riguer at the moment.” Really?

So honestly, how do I feel now, more than two days since my IV vitamin treatment?

For the first 24 hours, to be totally honest, I felt no difference at all.

But from Tuesday morning — I had the treatment on midday Sunday — I felt like I had much more get-up-and-go. I ran around most of Tuesday and didn’t get that 3pm flagging feeling at all. And I made sure to keep up my water intake.

Weirdly, having the drip made me WANT to eat healthily too, so I steamed veggies the first night and did the same the following.

The doc on Sunday duty said I had the ‘Dehydration’ treatment with vitamin C and an IV-B dose that was tailored to suit my needs. The IV-B drip contained vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5 and B6. The specific treatment I had started at $225, but IV treatments start at $145.

I can honestly say I feel good. I feel hydrated and my skin is glowing too: but then I had also treated myself to a much-need facial the day before I had the drip.

The verdict: highly recommended and a great time of the year for a midyear boost.

There are 3  Face Plus Medispa’s located in Sydney — Bankstown, Bondi Junction and Bondi Beach — but the IV treatments are only offered at the beach location at this stage.

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The Verdict

In what probably has the best views of any beauty salon in Sydney (on the 19th floor overlooking the harbour), Dr William Mooney’s Face Plus Medispa specialises in looking after your face and skin, holistically. Here it’s not just about what they put on your face during your visit—it’s about assessing your diet, lifestyle and external factors to find a treatment that’s right for you.

Once you check in and relax with a cup of tea, you’ll be taken into their consulting room to chat about your skin concerns and then your highly trained esthetician will show you to a soothingly dark treatment room before the magic happens (aka, your wonderful treatment). The bed is perfectly warm and so cosy that you’ll be forgiven if you dose off mid-treatment (this may or may not have happened on our last visit).

There are a range of treatments on the menu ranging from relaxing facials to more hi-tech offerings including Omnilux LED and Laser Genesis laser technology which help to get your skin super glowy.

For those wanting to do a bit of a Cher and turn back time, Face Plus Medispa’s anti aging treatments need to be on your beauty radar. The Titan Skin Tightening option and the Trusculpt are popular choices and help to tighten skin around those annoying areas like neck and stomach (umm yes please).

We tried the Dr Spiller Enzyme Peeling treatment that involved a thorough cleanse, a tingly peel (it didn’t show any redness afterward), a soothing massage and finished off with a moisturiser. This treatment left the skin feeling soft and so luminous even days after which we super happy about aaand couldn’t stop touching (which we know is bad for our skin but we couldn’t help it).

If you’re looking for a beauty salon in Sydney that leaves your skin feeling amazing, do your face a favour and pay a visit to Face Plus Medispa.

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Kimmy K Had A Vitamin Infusion Before The Met Gala. But Are They Safe?

By Leigh Campbell
May 26, 2016

Oh, celebrities. Either they have too much time or too much money on their hands (or a combination of both), but they’re always the first to jump on the latest fitness or beauty craze in the quest for better looks.

Kimmy K made the ‘vampire facial’ famous and now it’s come out that she reportedly had a vitamin infusion to feel and look her best prior to the Met Gala.

While Kardashian-West isn’t the first to boost her vitamin levels through an IV, it’s a growing trend that’s trickling down to us regular folk, like all these ‘crazes’ eventually do.

But is a vitamin IV effective, and is it safe? And what’s wrong with popping a good old multi-vitamin pill like most of us do?

“Intravenous therapy is the infusion of liquid directly into a vein,” Doctor and surgeon William Mooney told The Huffington Post Australia. Mooney strongly believes in the power of IV therapy for overall wellness and provides treatments to eligible patients.

“IV therapy was used ‘off label’, and doctors and nurses used to talk about it when I was a junior doctor at medical school. They would treat themselves to cure a hangover and whatnot, and from there the ‘IV hangover cure’ got grafted about four or five years ago in London, New York and L.A. So what began as a hangover cure had suddenly morphed into a much more viable treatment technique. What began as a ‘pick me up’ after a big night has actually turned into something that is really useful for a whole gamut of issues,” Dr Mooney said.

Now emerging in the mainstream, people need to understand what it does and how it works before deciding if IV therapy is for them.

“It’s not in its infancy but it is something we are still learning about. The reason it works is because it provides direct access and a measured dose.”

“With IV therapy you skip something called ‘first pass effect’, which occurs when you eat something orally. Whatever is ingested has to go through customs, and customs is the liver. Everything you eat meets the liver and the liver takes a lot of the veracity and efficaciousness out of oral vitamins. Vitamins A, D, E and K in particular are, for the most part, macerated by the time they get through the liver.”

“So using an IV means you can give an accurate dose that works on the target cells, which are the cells that need it, and then you can customise exactly what is administered according to what the patient needs,” Dr Mooney said.

Speaking of a patient’s needs, it’s important to know how that is determined, and to be honest with the doctor at the time.

“I learnt in medical school that 90 percent of diagnoses are taken from patient history. So that’s from what patients say, and in reality, it’s also from taking at look at the patient.”

“The major reason we take an in-depth patient history is to exclude things that would cause a problem if they were treated. They include cardiac failure, respiratory illness, chronic airways disease, chronic renal disease, kidney insufficiencies, long term alcoholism, or intercurrent medication. All of those things would need to be determined before giving a patient IV therapy,” Dr Mooney said.

If you’re all clear from the above, you might be a candidate for IV therapy.

“The actual process starts with a fluid substrate, so 500mls to a litre of fluid is used, and that is dictated according to what the patient has done. For example, if they are dehydrated, normal saline would be used. If they have overindulged then ‘dextrose’ would be used, which replaces the sugar because insulin changes when you have too much alcohol. If they have been for a big run then something called ‘four percent and a fifth’ would be used, which is a combination of both re-hydration and sugar. Trace elements like calcium and zinc can be added for patients recovering from surgery or trauma. Magnesium is great for patients who have undergone strenuous exercise. Vitamins B and C are great for treating jet-lag, and so on.”

Dr Mooney stresses that this is not a quick fix or reason to consume too much alcohol and should never be marketed irresponsibly. Moreover, you’re already of exceptional health and well being, IV therapy might not be for you.

“What happens if you take Panadol but you don’t have a headache? Nothing. So if you are a very fit and healthy person who wants to undertake IV therapy it won’t do any harm, but they won’t feel hugely different than normal. “

“Always go to a credible doctor and check their qualifications, and avoid gimmicky ‘hangover clinics’ and those that come to your home — you need to be professionally supervised in a medical environment,” Dr Mooney said.

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Forget makeup if you want that red carpet glow you need intravenous therapy

By Jonathon Moran
May 22, 2016

INTRAVENOUS therapy is the way of the future when it comes to being red carpet ready for celebrities, according to Sydney doctor Will Mooney.

Despite some criticism of the treatment that was initially spruiked as a hangover cure, Dr Mooney says his practice has been inundated by those wanting to try the therapy in the hope of obtaining a more youthful look.

“I thought there would be some trepidation initially because people don’t like getting needles but in retrospect 15 years ago when I started injecting Botox and fillers, I thought people would baulk at that and they didn’t,” Dr Mooney said at his new Face Plus Medispa in Bondi.

“IV is the way to go because it works. It is not lotions and potions and creams with variable absorption. You can tailor it precisely to the patient’s needs so whether they are hung-over or run a marathon or are feeling down or depressed or have burnt the candle at three ends, you can tailor what you give them and you get instantaneous results.”

Dr Mooney calls them ‘drip and chill’ sessionsas you go into the clinic get the IV attached and chill out.

IV therapy has been criticised for encouraging binge drinking while in February, a patient was hospitalised after receiving an intravenous drip at the Hydration Clinic.

Dr Will Surf

The clinic was subsequently closed and Dr Mooney warned patients to be careful with the treatment, that combines fluids and vitamins that are injected via a drip into the body.

“You are doing a medical treatment so you do need a doctor on site who knows what they are doing,” he said.

“What started as a hangover cure in LA, New York and London has morphed into the new frontier for treatment.”

Dr Mooney added: “Celebrity red carpet has changed into a two prong attack. It is maintenance like Botox and then it is va-voom. A few days before an event, a drip will give you that extra glow, that extra spring in your step. It is de rigueur at the moment.”

And in what some might believe to be a controversial claim, Dr Mooney believes intravenous therapy to be a pure cure for jet lag.

“It is an absolute cure for jet lag,” he said.

“Everyone is different, some people feel jet lag and some people don’t. IV radically improves their performance.”

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Cleo Glyde Road Tests the Cutting Edge New ‘Vampire Facial’ Factor 4

By Cleo Glyde
May 18, 2016

Now that laser treatments, injectables and aesthetic plumping are no longer the province of heiresses and actresses but an accepted part of urban anti-ageing and beauty routines, the market waits with baited breath (and frozen foreheads) for the next cutting edge procedure to slow time’s inexorable march.

Over-30s wary of golf ball cheeks, trout pouts – and looking foreign to this planet – may not tamper with their features (although the right practitioner can get fillers right), but still want to brake pad the encroaching effects of decreasing collagen production – the structural protein that gives young skin its dewy, firm appearance.

PRP blood therapy has become a go-to alternative. Processing a patient’s own blood to harness its healing capacities rejuvenates skin texture rather than changing facial contours and shape. The patient’s blood becomes the ultimate all-natural product, instead of pharmaceutical injectables.


Vampire facials trick the body by removing the platelet rich plasma from about two teaspoons of blood by centrifuge and re-injecting it back into skin tissue in a higher concentration. The growth factors the body would normally release to heal damaged tissue get to work on healthy tissue instead, kickstarting collagen production.

It has long been a favourite procedure of mine because collagen production is the silver bullet that targets everything – skin colour, smoother skin, tightening – as long as you’re not a smoker, in which case practitioners say don’t bother.

Now next era blood treatment ‘Factor 4’ takes it further. Advanced tubing and incubation technology has created a plasma-rich serum that provides four times more growth factors and cytokines (which regulate inflammation) than previous blood treatments. When the injector at Sydney clinic Face Plus Medispa turns out to be a charming 6 ft 5” Frenchman, well I don’t need to be asked twice.

“Factor 4 makes skin tissue plumper, firmer and fine lines reduce”, affirms facial cosmetic nurse Jean-Charles Neveu-Collins. “You can totally change the texture on the neck and décolletage – I’d say you wind back the clock 5 years.”


Er, where do I sign?

Blood is removed on a separate visit; you only need it done once.

Upon your return, Neveu-Collins adroitly injects the incubated and filtered plasma-rich serum all the way from forehead to bustline. “The skin condition on the décolletage depends on if the patient has been using SPF; some women really neglect it.” He also recommends Factor 4 around the eyes to treat fine lines, “that’s where I had the ‘big, wow’ results on myself; I looked so much more refreshed” he admits.

Factor 4 is way less ouchy than laser (no local anaesthetic is required) but still warrants light pain relief, especially for those who find needles around the eyes confronting. For three days there’s slight swelling and bruising: you’re not the child catcher in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang but you won’t be keen to go on Tinder dates either.

Neveu-Collins points out that dramatic results can occur on the most neglected areas; saggy elbow skin, hands, even stretch marks on mummy-tummies.

When I come back for my second treatment we can both see a change in my face and neck. “It’s really creamy!” coos Neveu-Collins. Light pigmentation has faded; there is a discernible glow and all redness has gone. The neck skin looks remarkably smoother.

“Factor 4 changes tissue on a cellular level; for me this is the most important way to treat aging skin.” It’s a great core maintenance treatment at a serious investment price, worth sticking your neck out for.

For more information, visit:

Full Face $595 – Face, Neck, & Decolletage – $995 (4 treatments are recommended for the most dramatic results, 4-6 weeks apart)

So how about you, Primpers, would you try this treatment? Let us know!

For more beauty treats and insider scoops, follow Cleo on Instagram: @CleoGlyde

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Kate Ritchie, Radio Host and Actor

By Sigourney Cantelo
May 2016

In a fate not common to child stars, Kate Ritchie has not only bypassed a past of public rebellion, she has also carved herself a long life in the spotlight – for all the right reasons. After 20 years of playing Home and Away’s (mostly) good girl Sally Fletcher – and nabbing two Gold Logies along the way – her feet are still firmly planted on the ground. She now graces the airways on Nova and is a newly published author to children’s book ‘I Just Couldn’t Wait To Meet You’ – an ode to her daughter, Mae (1).

All honey dipped tresses and double denim, the lovely Kate arrives at our shoot at the incredible Bondi Breakers apartment armed with a suitcase brimming with all of her most treasured possessions. It’s a fitting backdrop for the girl who grew up in front of the camera on Sydney’s Palm Beach, aka Summer Bay. Gracious and charming, Kate is happy to divulge her eating habits, favourite lipstick shades and confess who she trust’s with her skin.

“I grew up with Mum telling me that steaming is so good for your skin.”

“So now I love when facialists steam my face. I have regular facials at Face Plus MediSpa in Bondi Junction, when I can find the time. I always come out feeling great, I think a lot of that is to do with having time to myself. I’ve had a few laser facials as well, usually in the lead up to the Logies.”

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Best Face Forward
by Jenni Gilbert
May 6, 2016

Cosmetic surgeon Dr William Mooney’s third and newest Face Plus Medispa, steps from Sydney’s iconic Bondi Beach, opened with a celebrity-studded bash at the end of April.

As swanky as the ‘do was and as gorgeous as the décor is, what most impressed us here at SPA+CLINIC is that the clinic is the epitome of what we’ve been preaching – a 360 holistic approach to aesthetics.

Without inner wellness, the outside is never going to look as good as it could, something that Dr Mooney has embraced since he opened the first Face Plus in Bondi Junction in 2012.

He combines high-tech aesthetics, integrative medical treatments and old world healing from qualified beauty and health experts, including an onsite doctor, naturopath, Reiki practitioner, registered nurses, skincare and laser technology experts.

A makeup artist is also on site so that clients walk out looking as fabulous as they feel, while learning about the right makeup products to use after procedures such as laser and to maximise the results of treatments such as injectables.

“Face Plus Medispa in the oceanfront Pacific Pavilion is the destination for those seeking transformative results in a relaxed and luxurious spa environment,” says Dr Mooney.

The man of the moment, cosmetic surgeon Dr William Mooney (right) with Paul Fister, distributor of Dr Spiller skincare that has been used by Face Plus Medsipas since the first opened in 2012

“As well as long-term beauty and health treatment plans, clients can receive expert advice on improving energy levels and boosting skin radiance at the Drip and Chill Lounge.

“We have a doctor on site to prescribe a bespoke intravenous or intramuscular shot of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. It’s a safe and effective way to help clients feel on top of the world.”

Dr Mooney says there increasing demand from consumers for a broader spectrum of cosmetic procedures and services that includes nutrition and wellness.

“My surgical patients started asking what other complementary treatments or procedures they could have,” he says.

“So we then offered them LED, which is proven to improve tissue healing, decrease scar tissue, bruising and inflammation.

“Now we are also giving them pre-surgical packs that include herbal supplements and vitamins to support them through the healing process and generally improve health and wellbeing.


“We started to adapt to this demand step by step at Face Plus. Many patients who started out with a surgical procedure are now life-long patients of our medispas, returning as they need pre-wedding treatments, post- baby treatments, problem skin solutions, volumising facial structure, body shaping treatments etc.

“People don’t want just a day spa experience or just a surgical experience. They want a long-term treatment plan.

“They want to be educated about their skin, to understand how their diet and lifestyle choices affect it, and how to prevent premature ageing.

“It is what more clinics need to do.”





Featured throughout the treatment menu is Dr Spiller biomimetic skincare, which has been on board with Face Plus since the beginning.

“Ours is one of a select few clinics in Australia to have exclusivity to the Dr Spiller Biocosmetic skincare range,” says Dr Mooney.

“Originating in Germany in the 1950s and renowned throughout Europe, Dr Spiller uses the patented Hydratain emulsion system to deliver intensive moisturisation.

“It is a bespoke, medical grade cosmeceutical range based on natural ingredients with proven results.

“We believed in it from the beginning due its history, formulation and visible second-to-none results.

“Dr Spiller has proved the test of time and is a favourite among our Face Plus Medispa patients.”

Many anti-ageing treatments are designed to damage or irritate the skin in order to trigger new growth, according to Paul Fister, managing director of Omniderm, distributor of Dr Spiller.

“This can cause inflammation, and a series of chemical reactions that generate free radicals and ultimately destroy collagen and elastin fibres,” he says.

“Dr Spiller Biocosmetics use skin friendly bio-active ingredients that are known to reduce inflammation and irritation.

“Dehydration and related conditions (tight, rough or scaly skin) are symptoms of excessive moisture loss. Scientific tests have shown that Dr Spiller’s unique Hydratain emulsion system ensures well hydrated, balanced skin.

“Oxidation through free radicals causes damage to cells. In the worst case, cells’ DNA may be permanently impaired.

“Dr Spiller Biocosmetics contain a multitude of anti-oxidants of proven effectiveness.

“Independent clinical tests have shown that the Hydratain emulsion system delivers more than twice the quantity of a given anti-oxidant compared to traditional skin care creams.”

Face Plus also uses Australian organic skincare brand Edible Beauty, Australian cosmeceutical range Ultraceuticals and Aromatherapy Associates men’s skincare.


Dr Mooney takes an holistic approach to facial rejuvenation, stocking The Beauty Chef inner beauty products.

“The best anti-ageing results can only be achieved with a multi-disciplinary approach,” he says.

“We can make an amazing visible difference to skin by using the world’s most effective high- tech medical grade cosmetic treatments.

“But truly beautiful skin comes from the inside, too. So we look closely at patients’ diet and lifestyle choices, supplements and even their happiness levels. With an holistic approach skin can truly glow.”

The Beauty Chef founder Carla Oates (who, as it happens, is a Bondi Beach gal) has been researching, writing and teaching about organic beauty and health for the last 15 years.

Carla works with a dedicated team of chemists, naturopaths and nutritionists on her inner beauty powders and tonics that are based on her own unique recipes.

“The first step to healthy, radiant skin is balancing digestive health,” says Carla. “Beauty begins in the belly. Good skincare follows.

“My organic skincare range blends selected food ingredients with a natural fermentation process to bring out the very best in all of our ingredients and keep the skin’s ecosystem strong and healthy.

“I have embraced the time-honoured art of fermentation for the clever way that it naturally bio-activates nutrients in ingredients to make them more available for the body and skin to use.”

Omnilux LED light therapy

This painless, relaxing treatment for skin rejuvenation can reduce pore size, improve health and vibrancy of the skin, promote healing of damaged or compromised skin and can remove bacteria that causes redness and inflammation in acne-prone skin. As LED does not generate heat, the skin is at no risk of being burnt or otherwise damaged. Overall it leaves skin with a healthy glow.


A non-surgical fat reduction and body RF (radio frequency) sculpting technology by Cutera, TruSculpt is for spot treatment of unwanted bulges from areas such as upper arms, inner thighs, buttocks, above knees and the abdomen. Using a small hand held device that emits RF heat, the subcutaneous fat layer is gently heated at therapeutic high temperatures. This causes the cells to die – up to 60 percent reduction in fat cells per treatment – and be broken down and disposed of from the body over a period of up to 12 weeks.

3D Therapy by Cutera

“Every person ages at different rates and in different ways; some people develop redness, some develop lines or sunspots or they have one, two or all of these conditions,” says Dr Mooney.

“Cutera’s 3D Revitalize Therapy takes a three-tiered approach to revitalising the appearance for all of these conditions:

We treat the appearance of sun damage, sun spots and pigmentation caused by solar exposure with the Limelight IPL.

Laser Genesis is the go-to-complexion laser for treating fine lines and the signs of ageing. It stimulates and increases dermal collagen production for refreshing the entire face, neck and décolletage.

Titan is used for skin tightening and treating loose skin on the face, arms, neck, stomach and other areas. Titan “tightens” the skin using a safe, non-surgical method to dramatically restore your skins healthy and youthful appearance.

Original Source

There’s more than one use for injectables.

By Nadia Stennett
April 26, 2016

In my former life as a beauty editor, I was a willing Guinea Pig for every kind of treatment under the sun.

If it promised to improve my appearance, I didn’t care if it involved putridly scented lotions, abrasive skin-sloughing or gruesome devices that looked like they belonged in a horror flick. I was at the ready to sacrifice my body in the name of beauty on all occasions.

And though my beauty editing days are well behind me now, my willingness to give something a go in the name of a good story (and let’s face it; the potential to improve my appearance) is still as strong as ever. So when I heard about an unusual use for Botox, I knew I had to give it a go.

Though Botox’s naysayers will be quick to tell you the popular injectable is poison, it’s actually a type of protein produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. Yes, it’s technically a neurotoxic protein, however it’s also one that’s been used in both medical and cosmetic treatments safely since the mid 1900s.

Today, we know it as the thing most eerily ageless celebs swear they don’t use to stay wrinkle-free and a staple cosmetic anti-ageing treatment. But while Botox is effective at smoothing out frown lines and crow’s feet, it also has another useful, less well-known use; treating TMJ disorder.

SheSaid 1

Typically associated with stress, TMJ or Temporomandibular Joint disorder is a condition involving pain and dysfunction of the muscles of mastication (read: the ones responsible for moving your jaw so you can eat and talk), resulting in often intense pain and restricted movement. 

Like many TMJ sufferers, I clench my jaw when I’m asleep at night, and often while I’m working, without realising I’m actually doing it. The result is incredibly sharp pain radiating throughout my jaw, and, over time – because I clench most severely on my left side – enlarged muscles on one half of my jaw, which besides causing me grief, has the added bonus of giving me a lopsided face (life just keeps getting better).

Because Botox causes muscles to weaken, and eventually atrophy over time (hence its ability to un-tighten wrinkles), it’s been used in medical settings to treat muscle-related ailments ranging from tension migraines to muscle spasm disorders, and more recently TMJ. The alleged result? A more relaxed, pain-free jaw and a slimmer face.

“Relaxing the masseter [jaw] muscles can reduce the bulk of the muscle, narrowing the lower face and changing the facial aesthetic from a ‘square’ face to a ‘love heart’ shape,” explains Face Plus Medispa cosmetic nurse injector, Jean-Charles Neveu-Collins.

Because the jaw muscles are significantly stronger than the ones around our eyes and foreheads, this type of treatment typically requires much higher doses of Botox – but rest assured, the pain is comparable to a couple of tiny ant bites.

To find out if it could really help me break my jaw-clenching stress habit and achieve a more covetable facial shape in the process, I headed to Face Plus Medispa to see for myself. As my left side was visibly larger than my right, Neveu-Collins suggested I have 25 units of Botox in that side and just 10 in the other.

SheSaid 2

After an assessment of my face and some marking up of my jaw region, it was just a few barely noticeable stings and I was all done. Unfortunately, unlike typical anti-ageing uses for Botox which produce noticeable results almost instantly, Neveu-Collins warned me I’d need to be patient.

“This muscle reduction can start to be visible after six weeks post treatment and be at its full reduction potential after three months. The cosmetic outcome is not permanent though, as the effects of Botox start to wear off after four months.”

SheSaid 3

“That means that without repeat treatment, the muscle will gradually rebuild its strength and size. The trick to increase the longevity of this treatment is to have a series of treatments spaced four months apart.”

I was straight back at work after my treatment with none of my colleagues any the wiser I’d had anything done, then began the waiting game. After four weeks, I noticed I’d stopped clenching at my desk when I was on deadline and been relatively pain free, and after six, my face was taking on a noticeable slimmer look, provoking a few friends to ask if I’d lost weight. (If only. I’d actually gained.)

SheSaid 4

So the million dollar question: would I do it again?

Considering I’ve now been pretty much pain free for two months and the facial asymmetry caused by my nasty stress habit is finally gone, this is one crazy beauty endeavour I’ll definitely be making a part of my regular routine; unlike the torture devices from my beauty editing days still collecting dust in the back of my bathroom cabinet.

Comment: Do you suffer from TMJ disorder? Would you ever consider Botox for therapeutic use?

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Face Plus Medispa to open in Bondi Beach

By Renae Sullivan
March 24, 2016

Sydney’s iconic Bondi Beach welcomes its first-ever luxury medispa in April 2016, as world-class surgeon Dr William Mooney opens his third Face Plus Medispa.

Destined to be one of Asia-Pacific’s finest medispas, the all-new Face Plus at Bondi Beach will offer the latest treatments from qualified experts, including an onsite doctor, nutritional specialist, skincare specialists, registered nurses and make up artists.

This facility will offer long-term treatment plans, and clients can duck in to the ‘Bondi Reboot Bar’ for expert advice on improving energy levels, enhancing performance and boosting skin radiance. The onsite doctor will be available to prescribe a bespoke blend of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

This all-new wellness facility will be much more than just a skincare treatment spa. Offering integrative medicine and the latest LED light therapy treatments to get you red- carpet ready and glowing from the inside out.

Stay tuned – more details to come soon!

Tried, Tested & True: The Rejuvenating Enzyme Peel

By Jade Weeks
March 24, 2016


As she is cleansing my face, Sue explained that this treatment is perfect for sensitive (or temperamental skin like mine) and ‘peel first timers’. Sue massaged the enzymatic peel into my skin and goes onto explain, “the peel itself, is made up of ground spelt and natural kaolin enzymes to deeply yet gently exfoliate the skin, without causing irritation.” Unlike any other peel I’ve experienced, this one didn’t tingle, sting or cause any redness.

Straight after the peel was removed, Sue firmly massaged my face, neck and shoulders to stimulate the lymphatic system, encourage circulation and the removal of toxins. A customised mask was then applied to treat my somewhat confused skin.


After the treatment, the results were instant. My skin felt a whole lot calmer, my scarring and pigmentation had lightened and my fine lines diminished. Over the next few days I suffered from a few minor breakouts, just as Sue predicted.

Since my initial treatment, I have had a course of four peels, one per week for the past month and couldn’t be happier with the results. I also have made an effort to stick to a simple yet regular Dr Spiller Skincare routine prescribed by Sue, which I have found my skin is absolutely loving!


Dr. Spiller Biomimetic
The treatment: Enzyme Peel
Duration: 45 minutes
Price: $120
Location: Face Plus Medispa, Suite 1903 Level 19, 101 Grafton Street Westfield Tower Two, Bondi Junction.

This 20-Minute Treatment Will Give You the Glowing Skin of Your Dreams

By Justine Dunton-Rose
March 21, 2016

I wasn’t blessed with amazing skin, it’s been a long road and I’m still working on getting it to the best place it can be. But I recently underwent a course of Omnilux treatments and the results were instant and I could see them. Really.

It wasn’t my first dabble into light treatments, Melanie Grant swears by adding an Omnilux treatment into your facial to help boost results — particularly when it’s pared with a peel. But this time I was trying Omnilux on its own, and regularly. I went into Face Plus Medispain Bondi Junction every two to three days for four treatments in total. Each time my skin was cleansed with gentle Dr. Spiller products and I was left for a relaxing 20 minutes under a very bright red light (and often falling asleep!).

I went for the Revive Treatment which uses a red light to help stimulate cell turnover and help perfect your skin. I’ve always had greasy skin with odd-breakouts, enlarged pores and fine lines — devastatingly my skin age is five years older than its actual age — but after the course of treatments I could see the difference. Seems strange that just by sitting under a light your skin can change, but it did. People actually asked me what I was using, and what in my routine I had changed . . . and that doesn’t happen often! I was glowing like a model on the runway. My skin looked and felt smoother, and I even think the visible pores around my nose were diminished.

But don’t just take my word for it, to get the technical details on how Omnilux light therapy works I hit up skincare and laser specialist Amy Cameron from Face Plus Medispa to help me out.

What is Omnilux?

“Omnilux is a medical device that utilises LED technology. The Omniliux Combination Light Therapy uses blue LEDs in conjunction with red LEDs to:

1. Destroy the bacteria responsible for inflammation.
2. Stimulate cell growth.
3. Decrease inflammation and pore size.
4. Stabilise oil production in the future.”

How does it work?

“Omnilux stimulates your fibroblast cells to produce more collagen, elastin and promotes healthier skin through the use of three varying LED wave lengths.”

What benefits should you see in your skin?

“Acne: Omnilux benefits anyone suffering with mild to moderate inflammatory acne. Consult your skincare specialist for a diagnosis of your acne.

“Ageing: Patients will see a reduction in fine lines, plumper, more youthful and hydrated skin.”

What benefits should you see in your skin?

“Acne: Omnilux benefits anyone suffering with mild to moderate inflammatory acne. Consult your skincare specialist for a diagnosis of your acne.

“Ageing: Patients will see a reduction in fine lines, plumper, more youthful and hydrated skin.”

Who is it best for?

“Anyone with skin concerns and those who wish to maintain their healthy skin. It is however not recommended for pregnant women.”

How many treatments should you get?

“Over the course of four weeks, eight to 12 treatments are recommended, depending on your desired results or condition. Optimum results will be seen between four to eight weeks after treatment. The light stimulated processes will continue naturally after the treatment has stopped.”

What are the different types and what do they specifically target?

“The blue LED: Is used to treat bacterial presence on the skin, like acne.
“The red LED: Used to revive and rejuvenate the skin. The red LED is also used for inflammation and healing purposes.
“The white LED: This light treats fine lines.
“It is highly recommended the patient alternates between the varying lights to see the best results.”

What are the costs?

“At Face Plus Medispa we charge $140 for a full face treatment and $100 as a facial add-on.”

Tried & tested: the verdict on a bespoke facial treatment

By Emily Waight
March 14, 2016

At Sporteluxe HQ, we know that sometimes your skin rebels when you’re stressed, you’ve had too little sleep, or perhaps too many margaritas (yep, we’ve all been there). Usually, a good concealer and a pair of sunglasses can get you through the blocked pores, dark under-eye circles and smattering of dryness. But that’s not a long-term solution.

I am the first to admit that I have been blessed with clear skin but nevertheless, I occasionally suffer from the aforementioned skin concerns. So it took me all of five seconds to agree to a four-week skin journey with Australia’s leading medispa, Face Plus Medispa. Since my initial consultations (which you can read about it here), I’ve had one treatment per week for the past month and followed a recommended Dr Spiller skincare regime.

Being in the media industry, I’ve tried a lot of beauty products, but nothing has come close to this bespoke facial treatment. My skin is more even (or radiant, as some admirers have said), the redness around my nose has lessened considerably and stubborn congestion that had been plaguing my chin has all but disappeared (hooray!). But for me, it’s more about the feeling – I feel more confident since having the treatments, even skipping make-up on most work days, which was previously unheard of.

So here’s the nitty-gritty on what each treatment involved:

FacePlus prides itself on customising rejuvenation programs around your individual needs, wants, concerns and facial aesthetic, with a long-term focus – not just a quick fix solution. So with this in mind, my lovely therapist, Yvonne, recommended a series of Enzyme peels (trust me, they’re not as scary as they sound) and Omnilux ‘Revive Red’ light treatments to reduce redness, enlarged pores, dry spots as well as improve my overall skin clarity.

Once cocooned in the comfy treatment bed, my skin was treated to a double cleanse. Then Yvonne set about exfoliating with a combination of ground spelt and natural kaolin enzymes to revive my skin. After a round of extractions (a little gross, but so satisfying!), I was put under the Omnilux for a twenty-minute red light therapy treatment, which is designed to improve elasticity, plump and nourish the skin.

From here, things became a little hazy (it was so relaxing that I fell asleep by this point), but what followed was a hydrating and repairing face mask and a blissful hand massage, before a final layer of Dr Spiller Azulen cream and Dr Spiller Aloe Vera eye gel to seal everything in place.

Although a course of 12-week facial treatments is probably the smartest way to get more long lasting results, from my experience it’s definitely worth visiting FacePlus Medispa if you’re a local or visiting Sydney.

7 Things I Wish I Did For My Skin in My 20s

By Justine Dunton-Rose
March 7, 2016

A scary thing happened the other day and it’s left me feeling a little sad about my skin. I went for a facial (Omnilux at Face Plus Medi Spa — review to come soon) and before I went in for my treatment the esthetician cleansed my skin, removing all my makeup, and took me into another room for a Visia complexion analysis.

The clever Visia machine takes photos of your skin and assesses it on things like pigmentation, wrinkles, redness and texture. It then compares your results to others in your age group and lets you know if you’re above (less aged) or below (more aged) than the average person. I was mostly above average — thank you beauty editor perks, and growing up in the UV scarce UK — but when she compared my real age to skin age I got a rude shock.

Real age = 29
Skin age = 34
Sorry, what?! I was shocked, saddened, and looking wildly in the direction of the Botox needle! Kidding . . . almost.

When I got home afterwards I started to think about the things I had done, and not done, in the past for my skin. And if I had my time again, there would be some things I would do differently.

They might be simply common ‘good skin practices’, but as a usual 20-something I couldn’t see the immediate effects, so they were easy to skip or ignore. Now I’m looking straight down the barrel of my 30s and seeing the results right there in the mirror. So it’s time to learn from my mistakes and move forward with some new skin resolutions.

These are the things I wish I’d done for my skin:
1. Kept to the same routine.
This means products and brands. It’s the nature of my job that I have to switch and change up my skincare all the time — to write about them, it’s best when it comes from firsthand experience. But I’ve found that as I age I’ve missed out on some of the cumulative effects that come with sticking to the same routine and active ingredients. Find a range and brand that works for you, and stick to it.

The clever Visia machine takes photos of your skin and assesses it on things like pigmentation, wrinkles, redness and texture. It then compares your results to others in your age group and lets you know if you’re above (less aged) or below (more aged) than the average person. I was mostly above average — thank you beauty editor perks, and growing up in the UV scarce UK — but when she compared my real age to skin age I got a rude shock.

2. Invested in regular facials.
They are a luxury, but your skin will seriously thank you for regular professional attention. An esthetician will be able to keep your skincare routine in check and be able to advise you when you want to change up your products or tend to your skincare needs.

3. Used an eye cream.
This just seemed like an extra step to me, and I was usually using a moisturiser and I thought that was enough. Oh, how wrong I was, I now have those small little dehydration lines and discolouration which might have been avoided. If you’re still not convinced, you should read our eye cream chat with Clinique’s vice president of global product development here.

4. Worn sunscreen, every day.
I now don’t go a day without high protection sunscreen on my face (my go-to is IT Cosmetics CC Cream SPF 50+, $58). It’s those incidental times when you’re walking outside during lunchtime, running across the road to grab something or sitting by a window in the office (yes, really) that really make an impact.

5. Always removed my makeup.
I’ve already admitted to my lazy-girl bad beauty habit and it’s really had a negative effect on my skin. At night your skin rejuvenates and repairs, and with a layer of makeup (with unknown chemicals and pollutants in it clogging your pores and smothering your skin) it can’t do that properly. Cue uneven texture, tone and breakouts.

6. Made hydration a priority.
There are so many ingredients with a slew of properties, but the most important to remember is hydration. Most of the first signs of ageing stem from dehydration. I’d be so caught up in drying out a pesky pimple that sometimes I’d completely miss out my moisturising serum and cream steps. Don’t do that. Keeping your skin cells plump and hydrated is the best thing you can do to combat early ageing.

7. Been more gentle.
I think about how gentle I am when I apply my eye cream (now!) and then think about when I remove my mascara . . . not so gentle. This is the same very delicate area of skin! Be nice to your complexion, this includes not picking your pimples, because it will remember those pokes and prods, and remind you of them years later!

Five Expert Tips to DIY Facials

By Emma Charlotte Bangay
February 19, 2016

Massage pressure points, lymphatic drainage and toxin elimination are the underlying keys to the best youth-enhancing treatments. Skin and Laser therapist at Face Plus Medispa, Yvonne Culharne, reveals five secrets to the best DIY facials ever.

Facials Should Make You Happy.

“Facial massage is important to stimulate the blood and lymphatic drainage,” explains Yvonne. “This helps to eliminate toxins and encourage oxytocin production.”

This hormone, she adds, acts as a neurotransmitter to the brain and is known for its effects as a mood enhancer, hence the feeling of ‘floating on air’ post-treatment! So, if you’re giving yourself a facial at home, always pat in the product with a firm, but gentle, palm, and always move in upward, sweeping motions to work against gravity.

Facials Should Be Felt

Gentle, thorough massage is essential to achieving a healthy complexion, notes Yvonne. “There are many benefits to working on pressure points during massage,” notes Yvonne.

“[These include] reducing stress, helping to clear colds and congestion, stimulating cell turnover and improving skin texture and clarity.”

Facials Should Focus On Pressure Points

“The Heavenly Pillar is an acupressure point located at the base of the skull,” Yvonne explains. “This point has three origins; helping stress related to the skin, eliminating toxins and improving the skin complexion. You can stimulate this point by holding your thumb in place and pressing two to three minutes daily.”

Yvonne also recommends making time to treat yourself to a 10-20 minute massage once a month.

Facials Should Be Makeup Free

For the best results when doing a facial massage ensure the skin is properly cleansed, free from makeup and surface debris. “Sanitise your hands and have the nails well-groomed and cut back,” urges Yvonne.

Facials Shouldn’t Be Experimental

If you’re at home and feel like your complexion needs a freshen up, don’t go switching around your skincare. Skin reactions are real, and if you are layering product (such as cleanser, toner, exfoliant and moisturiser) you don’t want to ignite a rash that won’t quit. If you don’t have all of these products, don’t worry. Just invest in one key skin hydration that achieves several skin goals, like facial oil.

Firstly, cleanse with a warm, clean wash cloth and massage in a few drops of facial oil, which remains a huge celebrity trend. Yvonne uses them regularly at Face Plus, with Dr.Spiller Vitamin Skin Function Oil on high rotation.

“It restores natural lipids to the skin that can be lost because of harsh product use or environmental factors,” she explains, adding that it is also rich in essential fatty acids including jojoba oil, antioxidant and vitamin E which soften and nourish skin in one step.”

GO-TOS: Face Plus Medispa, Bondi Junction

by Sigourney Cantelo
December 17, 2015

High above Westfield in Bondi Junction is one of the country’s go-to boutique medispas for Sydney’s socialites and celebrities (there’s even complimentary valet and a private entrance to avoid the paps). The practice, which is fronted by high profile cosmetic surgeon Dr William Mooney (you might recognize Dr Will from Channel 9’s mornings), offers a range of cutting edge cosmetic treatments from herbal peels and laser facials to Botox and rhinoplasty.

I’m here to try the Laser Genesis treatment (read about it here) and as I step into the waiting room, it’s every bit as inspiring as I remember it.

The bright modern space is structured beautifully to take in the exceptional views across Sydney’s east and out to the Harbour. Black Eames Barcelona chairs are dotted with Missoni cushions and David Bromley artworks adorn the walls. Elegant orchids and coffee table books add to the sense that you’ve just stepped into someone’s very luxe living room (rather than waiting for a consult at a skin clinic).

With an emphasis on keeping the end result as natural as possible, Dr Mooney says his first step is always to guide patients to skin health through adequate skincare (he swears by Dr Spiller Biomimetic Skincare and Ultraceuticals MD). This is followed by a high tech treatment plan tailored to the individual, which is measured at every step with clinical photos to track your progress.

In addition to Dr. Will’s extraordinary expertise, there’s a team of highly trained nurses and dermal estheticians to advise you on everything from medical grade laser skin resurfacing, facial rejuvenation treatments, evidence based cosmetic facial treatments and the absolute latest in skin care innovation.

I particularly love that they offer alkalised water with fresh cucumber and mint or “complexion tea” in the waiting room to start, and then they wrap up with Probiotic Skin Elixirs by Beauty Chef after treatments. There are also standard beauty treatments like brow shaping on the menu so you can tick off regular beauty maintenance while you’re tending to the more high tech on your to-do list.

Face Plus now has two clinics at Bondi and Bankstown and is opening a third on Bondi Beach at the PACIFIC soon. The practice has been awarded several accolades, being named one of the top five Salons in Sydney by the Australian Financial Review and being featured in Vogue Australia’s Best Salons in Sydney.

Facials Worth Spending Your Money On

by Renae Leith-Manos
December 10, 2015

We road test Sydney facials and bring you the three we love, and saw real results from.

Treatment: ‘Phyto’ Herbal Mini Peel treatment by Alex Cosmetics

Venue: Face Plus Medispa, Bondi Junction, Sydney

The venue is a little medical, but that was fine for the treatment, and made me feel as if the results would be good (which they were).

Experience: A herbal mask is put on which smells heavenly if you are into natural fragrance. It tingles a lot, and I can imagine the tingling may freak out some people, but I didn’t mind it. The bizarre thing is the tingling lasted another 24 hours after the treatment – and you cannot swim or shower after it either. But I still enjoyed the whole thing.

Results: The results were first class. This is definitely the facial treatment I would have before a special event, and it would definitely be great for brides. My skin is still glowing 2 weeks later, and lots of random people have commented that my skin looks fresh and super clear.

Beauty and the Beach: New Face Plus Medispa opens

By Sally Hunwick
December 7, 2015

Now this is exciting. Australia’s leading Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr Will Mooney, is about to open the doors of his brand new Face Plus Medispa at Bondi Beach. Decked out with every mod con and dripping in understated luxury, this is no ordinary salon.

Set to open in February 2016 and housed within Bondi’s newly refurbished Pacific complex(Sydneysiders will know it as the old Swiss Grand Hotel), Dr Mooney’s people say this latest medispa from the top cosmetic surgeon is going to be one of the best in the Asia-Pacific.

Just four years on from opening his first Face Plus Medispa in Sydney’s Bondi Junction – a designer medispa boasting breathtaking views of Sydney from the nineteenth floor of the Westfield Bondi Junction Tower – Face Plus Medispa has become well-known amongst A-listers and Sydney socialites in need of some expert facial rejuvenation in plush surrounds. All the decadence has clearly paid off (valet parking, anyone?) because Dr Mooney opened his second Face Plus Medispa in Bankstown just this year with the Bondi Beach medispa hot at its heels.

“Clients know that as soon as they step through the door, they’re in good aesthetic hands here,” says owner and facial cosmetic surgeon, Dr William Mooney (MBBS FRACS).

“We pride ourselves on taking bespoke service to a whole new level. As well as highly trained cosmetic nurses, a private entrance for high profile clients, complimentary valet parking, and an on-staff psychologist to help patients manage stress, sleep or self-esteem issues, Face Plus Medispa stands by its couture philosophy: to enhance every woman’s natural beauty in her own individual way.”

Dr Mooney will open the Bondi Beach medispa with, Dr Spiller Biomimetic, a skincare range that offers high quality, natural based ingredients with the skin benefits of active cosmeceutical ingredients. Also on offer is top-of-the-line equipment aimed at delivering results-based outcomes.

“We don’t just want the latest machine because it’s trending,” says Dr Will Mooney. “We look for the right mix of innovation and efficacy when choosing our treatment options.”

The designer finishings of the Bondi Beach medispa is still closely under-wraps, but Professional Beauty’s insiders tell us it’s going to be beautiful. Really. Beautiful. Aesthetics aside, what will really make this medispa sing is the people.

“I think our edge really lies in the quality of our staff and expert team,” says Dr Mooney. “We are one of the few clinics with a facial cosmetic surgeon on hand to review our patients and treatment plans. [Plus] we have expertly trained registered nurses only doing our injectable treatments who have specialised in the field and understand the nuances of facially anatomy and injection techniques.”

Why You Need to Start Double Cleansing

By Emma-Charlotte Bangay
July 13, 2015

Some things are better doubled; ice cream scoops, coffee shots and Stenmarks. Oh, and cleansing! Read on to find out why, how and when double cleansing can benefit the skin best.

Double Cleansing is exactly that – cleansing twice: once to clean off the makeup, sunscreen, free radicals, general day-to-day dirt, and the second time to clean the skin itself of any surface oil or impurities and residue.

“It is good skin maintenance,” explains Yvonne Culhane, Face Plus Medispa Skin and Laser Therapist, who insists that double cleansing should be “standard protocol for all skin types and concerns.”

Marie Enna-Cocciolone, CEO & Founder, Inskin Cosmedics agrees, explaining that double cleansing is especially imperative for anyone who wears any amount of makeup whatsoever (i.e. all of us!) and most notably those prone to breakouts who need to rebalance oil flow to the skin.

How To Do Double Cleansing:

A big trend at the moment is using an oil cleanser followed by a gel cleanser for a more nourishing and comfortable cleanse, Marie explains. “Skin is not left dry and tight.”

Some people like to mix more specific products depending on their age or skin type, adds Yvonne, explaining that a deeper cleanse may be obtainable with a foam or gel cleanser for the first cleanse, and then a milk cleanser for the second to replace the lipids. “However, for sensitive skin with impaired barrier function, or excessive lipid dry skin types, a gel or foam cleanser may not be suitable, therefore a cream cleanser maybe best,” she suggests. “Consulting with an expert in this field is most important to obtain the correct products.”

To Tool Or Not To Tool?

Cleansing tools such as Clarisonic can offer some extra oomph to double cleansing, notes Yvonne. “You can use cleansing tools to give a deeper cleanse and get to harder to reach areas,” she explains, “also this is great to stimulate circulation and cell renewal.” Marie is quick to add that any cleansing tools are best reserved for completion of the second cleanse “once the skin is free of makeup,” she says.

Don’t Double Up On:

If you do choose to use two different cleansers for your double up, then be careful about the mix, the expert’s caution. “You should never double cleanse with an AHA cleanser,” cautions Yvonne. “In this instance, you would only cleanse once with an AHA and then you would do the second cleanse with a cream or milk based cleanser,” she says. “AHAs will strip the skin causing inflammation and redness if used too frequently.

Oils with oils are also best avoided, notes Marie. “Simply too much oil can lead to over nourishing, congestion and hinder any skincare or serum absorption,” she explains.

Do Double Up On:

“Aloe and glycerine are two great ingredients that boost each other’s efficiency,” explains Yvonne as aloe is a calming ingredient and glycerine is moisturizing, which is non comedogenic and doesn’t clog pores. “A lot of issues begin with using harsh cleansers that are not PH balanced and interfere and strip the skin,” she explains, “therefore working with calming and hydrating ingredients such as aloe and glycerine benefit the skins appearance and maintenance all round.”

Double Cleansing Decoded:

Always pull your hair back so that you can cleanse right up to the hair line and the back of the ears to prevent breakout around these areas,” Marie suggests.
“Apply the first cleanser directly to dry skin (without water) and cleanse gently, moving in circular motions,” Yvonne says. “Remove product with lukewarm water and a face cloth and then remove excess make up around the eye area with soft cotton pads or clean cloth.” Repeat the second cleanse and remove.
Always remove the first and second cleanse with a wet face wash, keep removing until the face washer rinses clean and “use a clean face washer daily,” Marie suggests.
“Avoid cleansers that are not PH balanced as these can strip the skin and can interrupt the natural PH of the skin which is optimal for daily skin function,” Yvonne cautions.
When cleansing around eye area, always cleanse gently, wiping in an anti clockwise motion.
“If you are using a cleansing device rinse it thoroughly every night so it doesn’t harbor bacteria,” Marie warns.
Don’t use cold water, warm water will open up the pores for a thorough skin cleanse.

Revolutionary Beauty Inventions

By Susanne Messara
June 22, 2015

The beauty world is constantly bombarded by new creations claiming to make us look younger, thinner and healthier.

3 Minute Shower-Tan by St Tropez
This popular new product already has a waitlist of over 10,000 in the UK. It’s the same as a gradual tanner, but can be used in the shower. The product is less than $40, and lands in Australia in October.

Light Therapy by Omnilux
The stars are going ga-ga for this treatment which involves light treatment to the skin. It acts like a detox to the skin and gives it a youthful glow.
The treatment is non-thermal, so doesn’t damage the skin. It can also treat acne, which offers young people a drug-free alternative. For more information call 1800 808 933 or visit

Waist Trainer Australia by Waist Trainer X
Kim Kardashian used this to help with her post-baby weightloss, and her sister Kourtney soon followed suit. The waist trainer has helped many women lose 2-8 inches from their waists. It’s as simple as clipping it around your waist.

Facial of the Future: Photogenesis Review

By Sigourney Cantelo
January 9, 2015

I’m getting tired of wearing makeup. The older I get the less I want to wear. It’s weird, because in my twenties I used to practically apply it with a trowel. But now I just want that fresh luminosity the minute I roll out of bed.

Yep, it’s decided. In 2015 I want to start afresh with my complexion. I want it to look like a blank page on a clean white notebook. So naturally, I’ve been researching new skin treatments. Last year I wrote a story for Vogue that saw me testing out all the latest skin rejuvenating treatments and I did a course of Laser Genesis at Face Plus Medispa. I was so happy with my shiny new skin (it got rid of the redness around my nose and old blemish scars on my chin) that I called Face Plus to see what new treatments they were offering. Turns out they’ve just launched the Photogenesis Facial – the ultimate complexion-perfecting duo that combines the pigment-blitzing effects of Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) with the redness-zapping benefits of Laser Genesis.
A week later I front up to Face Plus Medispa – which looks just the way you want a medispa to look: with orchids en masse, sleek black Barcelona chairs and David Bromley paintings on the wall. Not a clinical kidney dish or syringe in site. Their location, high above Westfield in Sydney’s Bondi Junction affords a postcard view out to the ocean and the vibe in the clinic is ‘mums-the-word’ luxury. A slew of Sydney’s A-listers frequently breeze into Face Plus via the private side door for medi-facials, Botox or appointments with celebrity cosmetic surgeon, Dr William Mooney (known for his ‘has-she-or-hasn’t-she?’ nose jobs).

Once inside the treatment room, my therapist Yvonne, an Irish porcelain-skinned beauty, cleanses my skin and takes photos so we can track the progress of the treatments. As she tapes some tissue and places goggles over my eyes to protect them, she explains that the facial works on two different wavelengths of lights so it’s able to target different concerns.

“Limelight, which is our IPL, penetrates about a millimeter, so that’s just working on the clarity, the colour of your skin, so the vessels, pigment, sun damage – and then what the limelight doesn’t do the laser genesis mops up. It penetrates 2mls so that’s going right to the epidermal layer and it’s working on the texture, your collagen production,” she explains as she boots the machine up and starts running the handpiece over a small area on jaw.

It ‘bings’ and whirrs like a video game and feels like a small patch of intense heat. It’s almost relaxing but for the occasional hot prickling sensation.

“You can feel that it gets to a point here that it gets hot, it’s not impairing the skins function, just giving it enough heat for it to actually trick the skin so the damage response kicks in and boosts your collagen and elastin production.”

After about half an hour we take a break and move onto the Limelight IPL. Yvonne changes handpieces and starts her journey across my skin again. It’s not as comfortable as the genesis – it feels a bit like a square inch-sized flick of heat and electricity, but it’s over in a second and I distract myself with visions of my own flawless, freckle-free forehead and gleaming, collagen-plumped cheekbones. Half an hour later Yvonne takes off my goggles and examines my skin.

“I’m so excited, we really got some of that pigment,” she says handing me the mirror. My skin is pink and my freckles look a bit darker, but nothing that couldn’t be covered up with a little makeup. She makes me promise to stay out of the sun (very important with any laser treatments) and applies a lovely SPF – Omni Derm Sun Protect for my trip back to the car. She also gives me some sample pots of super-indulgent Dr. Spiller Rinazell cream to soothe and hydrate my skin post treatment. The freckles and pigment on my face will darken over the next week and flake off, leaving fresh New Year-ready skin underneath.

For most clients Yvonne recommends three treatments at least a month apart ($1500 if you buy a pack of three or $700 per session), and then ideally six month top ups, but she does tailor a package according to what your needs are and can work within your budget.

“It’s for all age groups and is really good for someone who’s on a timeframe, they want results as quick as possible,” she says as she packs my samples into a bag “It would suit someone brides or if you have an event coming up, because you get the two in one hit, you save time.”

A week later and my dark spots have flaked off beautifully. My skin looks really clean and shiny and I know from last lot of laser genesis that the best results are actually a couple of months after the treatment when the cells have started creating new collagen. It looks like I’ll be starting the New Year with a fresh new complexion after all. Now onto the yoga.

Facial Peel & Laser Review

By Michelle Ruzzene
January 9, 2015

The deets:
A Phyto-Energise Peel ($220) for sun-damaged skin followed by a 20-minute LED Light Therapy session ($100), specifically the infrared yellow Omnilux light to counteract the ageing process.

The low-down:
After arriving at the stunning Face Plus Medispa clinic in Bondi Junction, I was quite happy to sip on cucumber-infused water and admire the view for the two hours. But instead, I was asked about my skin concerns, before being treated to an amazing facial peel specifically targeting my problems, which include pigmentation and ageing. A luxurious hand massage was also part of the treatment, before I was placed under the healing Omnilux light to repair damaged skin and stimulate collagen production.

The results:
Super impressive! No down time at all, my skin was looking clearer, more even in tone and younger almost instantly. Now I’ve tried one of the clinic’s mid-range peels, I’m gearing up for their signature deep peel, known as the Herbal Aktiv Peel ($690). It’s not cheap, but if my skin looks this fresh from one of their mid peels, I’m dying to know how good my skin can look after a deep peel! It’s also definitely worth investing in a session or two under the
Omnilux light, with a peel or on its own, as it stimulates the skin to repair itself.

Try it if:
You are looking for clearer, hydrated skin, particularly before a big event. Or if you just want to give your face some TLC, now is a great time to give peels and light therapy a go as the summer sun leaves most people with dehydrated skin.

Road Test – Dr Spillers Back Treatment

By Stephanie Darling
October 12, 2014

The lowdown – While I was having a fat-targeting treatment (the review is coming soon and I can tell you it is quite painful), the therapist alerted me to some blemishes on my back. I’d always had a fear that my back could be harbouring some unwanted guests, but how do you get to them? The answer is a back treatment with skincare whiz Sue Dann. Sue massages in a Dr Spiller Cucumber Cleanser while a steamer targets my back. Next she exfoliates with an enzyme peel that stays on for 10 minutes, before toning. Extractions are next, followed by an antibacterial Dr Spiller Roll-On. Now for the fun stuff: Sue massages my back for 20 minutes with a combination of oils and creams, including a collagen lotion that targets congestion. Then a mixture of declogging and anti-ageing masks are applied for 15 minutes. My back is then toned and moisturised.

Pain factor – Nothing is painful, not even the extractions.
Downtime – 75 minutes.
Results – After this devoted attention, my back feels as clean as a whistle.
Where to get it – Sydney: Face Plus MediSpa, from $110;  Melbourne: Pamper & Play, from $110;  .
At home – Try Aveda Essential Back Treatment, $79, 

Cutera 3D Skin Rejuvenation Review

By Emma-Charlotte Bangay
August 5, 2014

Designed to rejuvenate skin texture and tone whilst also tightening contours, 3D Skin Rejuvenation offers a new dimension to laser treatments. Lasers in your thirties can target specific problem areas, but what of the others? 3D Facial Rejuvenation offers a supremely tailored treatment laser program that combines different technologies and use of light based treatments to achieve a superior 3-dimensional outcome.

“3D Skin Rejuvenation has the unique advantage of targeting all three issues of texture, toning and tightening of the skin in one treatment,” says Dr Will Mooney of FacePlus MediSpa. “In as little as one-hour all 3 treatments can be performed without a need for anesthetic, changing machines or downtime,” he notes. Other skin problems that can be treated include Rosacea and redness, broken capillaries, large pores and acne scarring.

The best spas and salons to help you get your glow on for the party season

By Sigourney Cantelo
January 23, 2013

The name: Face Plus Medispa

The vibe: High in the gleaming towers above Westfield Bondi Junction this modernist light-filled haven is home to cosmetic surgeon Dr William Mooney, who looks after Sydney’s smoothest-browed socialites.

Why we love it: You can have a facial with a side of laser, then duck into the mall for a sneaky shop.

Must-try treatment: Celltresor Facial, 30 minutes for $240, utilising the super-active yet gentle Dr. Spiller range, this express treatment plumps skin with collagen peptides and hyaluronic acid in record time.

Where to find it: Level 19, Tower 2 Westfield 101 Grafton Street, Bondi Junction, NSW, 1300 939 095

Dr Spiller Facial Review

September 18, 2013

When you are offered a complimentary facial from Sue Dann, National Training Manager for Omniderm (distributors of Dr Spiller Biomimetic, Herbal Aktiv Peel and Alex Cosmetics), you take it. Even if it means travelling from The Hills to Bondi. It’s worth it and you must.

I don’t have facials very often. I had an Oxygen one not too long ago and it was only ok. Maybe that’s why I don’t get them much, because the amazing ones are so few and far between. I like to feel like the therapist has a lot of experience. I came to the right place.

The setting is stunning. I was on the 19th floor of Bondi Junction, Tower Two, overlooking Sydney in all its harbour glory. Face Plus Medispa is a cross between a spa and surgery. The clinic offers treatments in all areas of facial anti ageing and rejuvenation including Dr Spiller Biocosmetic facial treatments, injectables and more intensive cosmetic surgery by Dr William Mooney. I’m not quite ready for the injectables (won’t be long) but I actually felt like I’d had them after my treatment with Sue.

What I loved about this facial was the time spent with me beforehand figuring out my skin type. I had just had a pretty bad reaction to a (supposedly natural) product and I was assured I’d be more than happy with the end result and cured of my dry flaky skin. Sue explained the Dr Spiller philosophy that in order to restore the skin’s hydration, you need to imitate the skin’s natural processes. Our skin is waterproof, therefore slathering it with oil free, water based products is essentially doing zip. Makes sense.

Under the sheet I went and for the next hour had the most amazing bespoke facial. Sue cleansed with the Aloe Sensitive Cleansing Gel and infused my skin with Hyaluronic Acid which according to Sue my skin was lapping up. I was exfoliated with the gentle Jojoba Peeling Cream ($64AUD) and massaged with the Rinazell Active Cream ($135AUD) which works at repairing damaged skin. All the while, Sue’s delightful assistant massaged my tired hands and feet. Bliss.

I honestly looked years younger after my treatment but the question was ’would it last?’ Sue encouraged me to start using the products immediately and that I would begin to see a real change in my skin. I loved the results so much, I didn’t use any of my oil free products and went 2 days without moisturising as I waited for my Dr Spiller pack to arrive.

A month later and I can genuinely say these products have healed my sensitive, dry skin. I feel I look more refreshed and younger and less tired. I know you’ve heard it all before from brands, but it’s not spin, it’s my experience and I’m always honest here- I have to be. I will hand over my hard earned cash for the Active Cream and the Peeling Cream as they have been the hero products for me and will be hard to beat.

If you can’t buy these high end products, I hope you’ll take away what I did and that is that your skin needs oils to hydrate and perhaps rethink your use of water based and oil free products.

Note that this facial and these products were selected specifically for me. I have dry, sensitive and damaged skin. What works for me, may not work for you so always try before you buy where possible. Dr Spiller products are only available in selected Salons because skin needs to be assessed before products can be prescribed.
The treatment and products were gifted to me but in accordance with our disclosure policy have in no way influenced this review.

Get Your Glow On

November 7, 2012

Face Plus Medispa opens in Bondi Junction – the ultimate in anti-ageing, aesthetic enhancement and luxurious pampering.

“Face Plus by Dr William Mooney, Sydney’s hottest new boutique Medispa, raises the bar for the Eastern Suburbs. A modernist haven, light-filled and luxurious space offers clients cutting edge technology, natural results and bespoke service.

Their philosophy is to bring out their clients’ best natural beauty, so they’ll look like the most radiant, glowing version of themselves.

Dr William Mooney is an international leader in facial cosmetic surgery, known for his surgical precision as an Otolaryngologist (ear, nose and throat surgeon) and Facial Cosmetic Surgeon. Now he brings the same depth of experience and exceptional patient commitment to the beauty arena, with medical grade laser facials, evidence based cosmetic treatments and the absolute latest in skincare innovation.

The brilliantly located Medispa, adjacent to Dr Mooney’s surgery practice, is a stylish, modern design space far above the buzz of Bondi Junction, with sky high views of Sydney’s spectacular harbour. Designed to be a pleasure to visit, artworks and classic modernist furniture create a nurturing, non-clinical environment that adds to the warmth of our welcome.

Face Plus is the antithesis of the ‘conveyer belt’ type clinic with overworked nurses and unrealistic schedules. They pride themselves on their in depth analysis of a client’s needs, wants, concerns and facial aesthetic, creating a rejuvenation program entirely customised around the individual.

The Face Plus medispa treatment menu is designed to repair damage from the inside out, brake pad against future ageing and allow the recipient to luxuriate in sensory escape. It showcases the latest results driven technology designed to specifically target the impact of lifestyle choices, ageing, pregnancy, menopause, acne, medications and all the factors that play havoc with having clear, dewy, beautiful skin.”

Lip Filler


Filler: Cheeks, Lips, Smile lines & Nasolabial folds

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Laser Genesis, LED Light Therapy & Dermapen

Filler Lips

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Filler Lips

Filler Lips

Jawline Filler

IPL & Herbal Phyto Peel


IPL & Dermapen