Acne Rosacea Treatment

Treatment of facial and acne scars, redness and rosacea is simple using Laser Genesis

For the treatment of facial or ance scars or pitting, diffuse redness and rosacea we offer the revolutionary Laser Genesis or “complexion laser”. Laser Genesis is a groundbreaking new technology which safely and effectively treats and improves skin texture, redness and scarring.

Laser Genesis effectively stimulates the skin’s natural healing and collagen production beneath the skin without damaging the surface layer, resulting in a smoother texture and refined tone. Scientifically proven to produce new collagen Laser Genesis is an innovative new laser technology that treats areas of diffuse redness and scarring by stimulating collagen regrowth and circulation to these areas.

Our laser is non-invasive and safely and discreetly treats skin, you can expect to see subtle yet consistent results after each treatment.

We recommend a series of treatments for optimal results and these treatments come without unwanted side effects such as bruising, peeling or excessive skin irritation.

Acne scarring and facial scars are very responsive to this treatment and most patients see significant results after only 2 to 3 treatments. It’s an ideal treatment for those who cannot afford the down time usually associated with more surface damaging lasers such as Fraxel.