Brow Lift

Injectable Brow Lift

Brows are an important facial feature in determining how your face is framed. Anti-wrinkle injections to the forehead can often create a chemical brow lift in most patients, these injections act by weakening the muscles that cause frowning and scowling. When used to treat the depressor muscles of the forehead that cause scowling or frowning and other forehead muscles on the side are left alone, this will often result in arching or raising of the eyebrows – especially where they tend to hang over the outer aspects of the eyelids.

This is a great feature for females who like an arched brow; additional elevation of the eyebrows can be achieved by injecting just under the lateral edges of the eyebrows as well once again – leaving the upper outside part of the eyebrow muscles alone.

The results are variable and some patients will get more of a lifting effect than others, depending upon their eyebrow position and heaviness of their eyes. This procedure is generally recommended for younger patients with good skin elasticity as aging and poor elasticity can have a visually unappealing result. A surgical brow lift may be a better option for older patients.

The maximum duration for sustained lift is approximately 3-6 months, depending of course on the individual.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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