Cheek Fillers

Improve your Facial Contour and Symmetry with Cheek Augmentation and Cheek Fillers

Ageing and weight loss can cause the cheeks to lose their plump and youthful appearance which can leave you looking gaunt and tired. Cheek augmentation or cheek fillers can restore volume to your face, increase cheekbone projection and improve facial contours and symmetry.

Several options exist for cheek augmentation – temporary and permanent, surgical and non-surgical. In most cases, permanent cheek augmentation is achieved with the surgical placement of facial implants.

Non-surgical Cheek Augmentation using Cheek Fillers

Many patients choose temporary injectable fillers for cheek augmentation as this provides safe, effective and non-surgical cheek enhancement with very few risks. Results typically fade within a few months to a year, so patients enjoy not having a long-term commitment to their new look – giving them the flexibility to choose whether to continue maintaining it or not.

Injectable Dermal Fillers

The use of injectable or dermal fillers to rejuvenate the face is being used today by men and women as an early alternative to surgical options. In conjunction with preventative anti-aging/wrinkle treatments this is a very effective non-surgical treatment option.

We use cheek fillers for clients who have concerns with the volume, plumpness and elasticity of the skin on their face. We do not take immediate and drastic measures that may lead to poor results, instead we follow a steady and individualised approach when it comes to injectable treatments.

The Procedure

When it comes to your face, you should only entrust this to experts with the right training and experience. Our cosmetic nurses have the highest standards of training and certification and we make sure that each client leaves the clinic with nothing but the best most natural-looking results.

1. All clients’ concerns are addressed and their specific goals are set. Medical issues are discussed and a thorough examination is conducted

2. A treatment plan is customised for the client.

3. One of our highly skilled nurses will perform the treatment upon request.

4. Depending on the type of treatment or cheek fillers used and the number of injection sites, it can take a minimum of 30 minutes.

Combining Treatments

Treatments can be used in conjunction with cheek fillers at Face Plus Medispa to relax facial muscles which contribute to wrinkles and furrows. A precise treatment of fillers to other facial areas also creates a more youthful contour and appearance, subtle lip or cheek contouring can produce amazing results and beautifully enhance your facial features.

After Treatment

• Each person reacts differently to the injection of cheek fillers and side effects are rare. If side effects do occur, it will include redness, swelling, bruising or pain. Some may experience plumping because of the slight swelling.
• If swelling and bruising occurs this is usually experienced a few days after the cheeks have been filled and when there are multiple injections sites.
• To minimise swelling we advise icing the sites and avoid exercise, smoking and alcohol directly after treatment.
• We also suggest avoiding medications that may promote bruising such as aspirin, anti-inflammatories, vitamin E and herbal supplements.
• Apply arnica cream after the treatment.
• Procedure results are usually visible straight after treatment, however it is not unusual for patients to require 2-3 sessions before the desired result is achieved.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

The Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) Guidelines do not allow the use of specific medical product names on the internet. Therefore all references on this site refer to approved headings of anti-wrinkle injections, dermal fillers and lip enhancement. The practice uses only the highest quality and safest products available. For further details on the exact treatments performed by our practice please contact us.