Chin Augmentation

Non-Surgical Chin Augmentation

The non-invasive alternative to traditional, surgical chin enhancement.

The non-surgical chin enhancement is a safe procedure with little to no down-time which involves injecting a dermal filler into certain areas of the chin in order to increase the length, width or projection of the chin.

This procedure takes just 10 minutes and involves no anesthesia and very little pain, redness or downtime – in fact, most patients go back to work the next day as non-surgical chin augmentation avoids many of the complications typically associated with traditional surgical chin enhancement/implants.

Non-surgical chin enhancement results in minor swelling and sometimes mild bruising and tenderness. These symptoms should last no more than two to three days and most people can just cover up any marks on the chin with makeup.

The injectable fillers used in non-surgical chin enhancement are injected in small amounts and in precise locations so there is total control over the shape and contours created by the procedure. Results last between 6 months to one year depending on the product used and the individual.

Injectable Dermal Fillers

Injectable Dermal fillers are semi-permanent or permanent injectable treatments used in facial rejuvenation and contouring. The use of injectable fillers began a decade ago with lip augmentation and has since become a staple of facial rejuvenation.
As we age, we inevitably lose the plumpness we once had in our face in our twenties. This is where precise yet effective fillers can provide subtle and amazing results to re-create this youthful look.

The use of injectable or dermal fillers to rejuvenate the face is being used today by many men and women as an early alternative to surgical options. In conjunction with preventative Anti-Aging/wrinkle treatments they can be a very effective non-surgical treatment option.

At Face Plus Medispa we use fillers for facial areas where we see a loss of elasticity in the skin and soft tissue, a loss of volume and sagging caused by the ageing effects of gravity.

We also believe that filler treatment is often done poorly. At Face Plus Medispa we take a conservative and slow approach to facial contouring and injectable treatments. You should only trust your face to an expert with training and experience, and an intimate knowledge of facial structure to give you a natural, fresh result.

The Procedure

Dr Mooney (upon request) or one of his experienced and highly trained nurses will perform your treatment. After conducting a through exam, addressing your concerns and personal goals and taking into consideration any previous and current medical issues we will draw up a treatment plan specifically and individually designed for you.

Temporary fillers, such as hyaluronic acid, which is a naturally occurring product in your body or permanent longer lasting fillers may be considered. Many of these come with a built in analgesic effect so that the injection is virtually a pain free procedure.

Local anaesthetic can also be used to numb particular areas if you are worried about injections. However, our treatments are simple, safe and conducted by experts and therefore we usually find “first-timers” surprised at how easy and non-traumatic it was.

Combining Treatments

Treatments can be used in conjunction with fillers to relax the facial muscles that contribute to wrinkles and furrows. Precise treatment of fillers creates a more youthful contour and appearance. Subtle lip or cheek contouring can produce amazing results and beautifully enhance your facial features. Depending on the number of injection sites and the injectables used treatment can take as little as 30 minutes.

What to Expect After Treatment

You can expect to see immediate results, however depending on the product used and your individual goals you can expect to see the final result after 2-3 sessions. Also dependent upon the product used top up sessions may or may not be required.

Some of the initial plumping you may experience will be due to swelling. You may experience some swelling and bruising at the injection sites in the few days post treatment. In non-smokers bruising is rare.

Patients are advised to continue icing the sites and should avoid exercise and alcohol immediately after treatment to minimise swelling. Patients should avoid smoking, aspirin, vitamin E, anti-inflammatories, herbal supplements and other medications that promote bruising. Arnica cream is encouraged post operatively.

If you are considering injectables please feel free to contact our clinic for pre-treatment tips to reduce the possibility of bruising.

In order to fine tune the results additional follow-up treatments may be necessary. We at Face Plus Medispa work in conjunction with the individual to ensure a gradual and natural look when using dermal fillers – we can always build upon the treatments as the patient adjusts to their new look and provides their feedback and direction.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

The Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) Guidelines do not allow the use of specific medical product names on the internet. Therefore all references on this site refer to approved headings of anti-wrinkle injections, dermal fillers and lip enhancement. The practice uses only the highest quality and safest products available. For further details on the exact treatments performed by our practice please contact us.