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Ultimate Anti-Aging Facials

Luxury & Anti-Aging Facials. Skin Treatments. We offer a selection of luxury anti-aging facials and skin treatments by Dr Spiller

Face Plus Enzyme Facial (Mild)

Any facial can incorporate this specialised peeling treatment, it’s the perfect ‘mild’ beginners treatment to remove the stratum corneum surface of the skin which will leave the complexion smooth, hydrated and glowing. Ideally performed monthly to balance with your skin’s renewal, it softens skin which enables easier absorption and therefore maximum benefit for skin care products.

The Herbal Aktiv Peel (Deep)

The Herbal Aktiv Peel™ is a medically developed skin regeneration treatment using only pure natural plant ingredients. This peel has over 50 years experience in providing high levels of safety and significant results for a wide variety of skin conditions.

Galvanic Skin Infusion Treatment

This treatment is a very safe circuitry flow of positive and negative ions that actively push “just applied” water-soluble skin treatments deeply into the epidermis. Your skin will look and feel invigorated and radiant. This treatment can be added into any of our facial treatments at Face Plus to enhance product absorption.

Skin Needling Rejuvenation

Dermapen topically stimulates the skin via gentle surface needling; this process creates tiny vertical penetrations in the skin which then acts as channels for deeper infusion of hydrating and skin stimulating ingredients. Dermapen also acts as an effective skin resurfacing treatment and collagen induction therapy.

Sebaceous Gland Ablation – Acne Treatment

Sebaceous Gland Ablation is a safe, scar free treatment that offers acne affected teenagers and adults a non-drug, permanent solution for their acne. We are one of the very few clinics in Sydney to offer SGA treatments.

Mole & Vein Removal

Radiosurgery among other things can be used as an alternative to laser and IPL to remove unwanted veins and moles. This treatment has been very popular at Face Plus Medispa for clients who had stubborn veins that have returned after laser surgery. It’s a highly effective method and is a virtually scarless way of removing moles, particularly on the face.

Acne Treatment

Problem skin and acne occurs when a plug of dead skin cells, hair follicles and sebum become infected with bacteria. The majority of us experience a mild combination of whiteheads, blackheads and pustules, while there are some who suffer more severe acne and breakouts such as papules, nobules or cysts that scar.

Eye Revive

A divine and beautiful treatment for the delicate under eye tissue. It can reign alone or be incorporated into any facial. The Eye Revive Facial Treatment includes pressure point massage which stimulates lymph drainage to help cool, tighten, hydrate and reduce inflammation to protect from premature skin slackness and wrinkles.

Back to Back Treatment

It’s true – our backs are often forgotten. You may be able to get away with it in winter, but when the weather starts to heat up and the beach is calling will you be proud to show some extra skin?

Chin Filler

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Hydropeptide Facial


Lip Filler


Muscle Relaxants

Lip Filler

Lip Filler

3x Phyto Peel, 3x Laser Genesis with Enzyme Add on

Double Chin Reduction Treatment

Lip Filler

Hydropeptide Anti-Wrinkle Facial