Mole & Vein Removal

Radiosurgery among other things can be used as an alternative to laser and IPL to remove unwanted veins and moles. This treatment has been very popular at Face Plus Medispa for clients who had stubborn veins that have returned after laser surgery. It’s a highly effective method and is a virtually scarless way of removing moles, particularly on the face.

Radiosurgery sends ultra high-frequency waves into the skin. The term “radio” is used as the frequency is higher than AM radios but lower than the frequency of television. It makes very fine and precise punctures to remove a mole and for veins, a thin micro-insulated wire is gently inserted into the unwanted vein.

Unlike other coagulation systems, it’s heat is delivered and transferred through water particles in the cells which enables heat to be constrained to the area being treated – therefore only the tissue cells immediately adjacent to the electrode are affected. This method allows for a quick and comfortable recovery with the end result being a virtually scarless and painless procedure.

As it is a medical grade only modality only doctors and registered nurses can professionally utilise radiosurgery. We use Medtel’s Acute at Face Plus Medispa and treat a range of cosmetic adjustments including:
• Skin tag and mole removal
• Removal of superficial visible vessels commonly seen around the nose and inside the nostrils
• Obliteration of very superficial leg veins
• Nip and tuck procedures for patients following Rhinoplasty
• Sebaceous Gland Ablation for active acne

Depending on the procedure a topical aesthetic and injected local aesthetic may be used.

You can expect permanent result, this replaces the surgical removal of skin tags and moles which have the surgery complications of bleeding, sutures, antibiotics and recovery from the wound. Recovery from Radio Frequency is simply the development of a scab which is required to fall away itself over the course of a week, plus there is virtually no downtime.

The use of Radio Frequency at Face Plus Medispa is becoming more popular as patients come through. When they hear about the efficiency of the procedure that has a minimal “ouch” factor they do not hesitate with treatment.