Non Surgical Rhinoplasty

What is an Injectable/Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty?

The nose is an extremely important feature – it’s the axis of the face upon which your other features hinge and it is often the feature people like least about their face.

Injectable rhinoplasty became one of the most popular procedures available for correcting and rebalancing nasal irregularities in 2014. Minor irregularities which would not usually warrant a surgical operation can now be corrected with this procedure, these include a rasp or humps/dips in the nose bridge or tip, crooked noses, and noses with irregularities caused by trauma/injuries

Rhinoplasty procedure at Face Plus Medispa

We begin with a full medical history then use digital imaging to allow each client to visualise the proposed changes by manipulating a photo on-screen. We then use a simulating filler injection of saline solution on clients that allows them to actually see, feel and touch the nose to ensure this is the look they want. The saline manipulation lasts for 20 minutes.

If this is all positive we then arrange a follow up appointment for the procedure. Injectable rhinoplasty results can last for up to two years with a temporary product, or for seven years with a longer-lasting filler.

Injectable Rhinoplasty is performed in our clinic by a qualified and highly trained Doctor or nurse. Anaesthetic is not required and results are visible immediately.

You can expect the procedure to be fast and relatively pain-free. You may experience a slight bruising which easily covered with make-up.

If patients decide they don’t like the result there is an ‘antidote’ that can shrink the filler away.

Injectable Rhinoplasty could be the answer you’re looking for – it’s a safe and effective treatment that when used with the right patient can provide instant results.

For more information on Injectable Rhinoplasty or Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty at Face Plus Medispa in Sydney please contact us for a consultation to discuss your concerns further.

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Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.