Phyto Facial Peel (Moderate)

These popular ‘mid-range’ skin peels gently remove the non-viable epidermal layer to reveal a new skin surface within 24 hours! These are the equivalent to having several microdermabrasion treatments without the stress and damage to your skin.

The compounded and regenerating dried, crushed herbs are applied and massaged directly onto your skin to produce revitalised, softer, smoother and beautifully firmer skin. Pores are significantly reduced and congestion is removed. Your skin will look clear, clean and hydrated.

Treatment duration: 1 hour

We will help you choose from a targeted selection of peels which are tailored to your skin needs:
Phyto-Restore to revitalise and firm sun damaged, prematurely aged, stressed or dull skin.
Phyto-Clear detoxifies congested, impure, acne prone or problem skin while reducing oil flow.
Phyto-Calm rebalances sensitised skin displaying signs of redness, inflammation or couperose.
Phyto-Energise for sluggish, sallow, or sun damaged skin.