Sebaceous Gland Ablation – Acne Treatment

Sebaceous Gland Ablation (SGA)

Sebaceous Gland Ablation is a safe, scar free treatment that offers acne affected teenagers and adults a non-drug, permanent solution for their acne. We are one of the very few clinics in Sydney to offer SGA treatments.

SGA is used to treat only those sebaceous glands affected by acne, we have thousands of sebaceous glands in our skin – approximately 1200 per square centimeter of skin to be precise – and only a very small number of these sebaceous glands are affected by acne and breakout, even in the most severe cases of acne.

These “rogue” sebaceous glands are treated with a gentle electrical current so that the sebaceous gland is progressively destroyed. Once the sebaceous gland is “ablated” (a medical term used to describe tissue destruction through the use of heat), it can no longer break out. Only active acne can be treated as we use the inflamed breakout as a guide to finding the affected sebaceous glands.

SGA can be performed on any active acne lesion, from a lesion as small as a blackhead to lesions as large as cysts. Multiple treatments are generally required to ablate each sebaceous gland (between two and five treatments). Depending on the number of breakout affected sebaceous glands you have, it can take a number of treatments before you become permanently breakout free.