The Herbal Aktiv Peel (Deep)

Relish the Cleansing & Beautifying Power of Nature with Herbal Aktiv Peel™

The Ultimate in Natural Skin Rejuvenation – the Herbal Aktiv Peel™

The Herbal Aktiv Peel™ is a medically developed skin regeneration treatment using only pure natural plant ingredients. This peel has over 50 years experience in providing high levels of safety and significant results for a wide variety of skin conditions.

It is made from dried compound, crushed botanicals with scientifically proven actions and thankfully, no synthetic acids or abrasives are added to the formulation.

This peel provides an effective, progressive and thorough exfoliation of dead skin cells that improve the appearance of dull ageing skin.

Ingredients included in the Herbal Aktiv Peel are: spirulina, calendula, chamomile, pansy, large-leaf linden, gingseng, fenugreek, marshmellow, lemon balm, lungwort, field horsetail, sage, witch-hazel and plantago.

This is suitable for the treatment of problem skin, acne, blackheads, damaged or dry skin, scarring, fine lines, pigmentation and prematurely aged skin. It’s good for anyone looking for a natural and very safe skin resurfacing treatment.

The Herbal Aktiv Peel™ – Significantly More Beneficial than Chemical Peels

• Unlike chemical peels, which only reach the top layers of the skin, the active ingredients in the Herbal Aktiv Peel™ are massaged into the skin and left to be released over an extended period of time. It is in this timed release of a concentrated supply of potent and medicinal-grade herbs that is the secret to the superior outcome of the Herbal Aktiv Peel™ compared to other natural based peels.

• Another fundamental advantage of the Herbal Aktiv Peel™ is that the old skin stays in place while the new skin regenerates. The developing new skin is protected until it is ready to shed without ill effects. For this reason clients are instructed never to force the old skin off prematurely.

The Three Stages of Peeling

1. Herbal Aktiv Peel™ herbs are massaged into the area to be peeled for 10 minutes. In case of impure skin, extractions will be performed prior to the treatment.

2. On completion of the peel you will receive three take home care products and an instruction sheet that explains your at-home care procedures. Please follow these instructions carefully.

3. During the ‘Post Treatment’ the old skin will peel off with a mask.

Most clients experience some discomfort during the initial massage with Herbal Aktiv Peel™ herbs however you can ask your therapist to ease off on the massage. At the end of the massage your nurse will apply moistened gauze to the treated area, this immediately cools and comforts the treated skin.

After this treatment your skin will be flushed and you will have a similar feeling to having a slight sunburn. Over the next two to three days the top layer of skin will gradually become drier and will eventually start to peel. Please make sure you’ve made your post treatment appointment for day five with your nurse.

Your actions will contribute greatly to the success of this treatment and it’s important to do the following:

• Follow instructions carefully.
• Don’t allow the treated area to come in contact with water. If it does accidentally get wet please immediately dab dry with a towel (do not rub). To avoid getting the treated area wet during the peel process we recommend you wash your hair prior to your peeling procedure.
• You must not pick or remove the peeling skin. This will result in damage to the sensitive new layer of skin underneath.
• After the ‘Post Treatment’ apply sun screen prior to sun exposure. Also limit the time of exposure to the sun, wind and weather.

Your skin will be at its best four weeks after the initial Herbal Aktiv Peel™ treatment. At this point you can have further treatments if you desire and there is no limit to the number of peels you can have.

Please note: there are a few skin conditions not suited to the Herbal Aktiv Peel™ treatment, you will be asked some questions to ensure you will get the best possible results with complete peace of mind.