Virtual Skin Consultation

Expert Skin Advice during Self-Isolation

During this period of self-isolation, we are offering a one-on-one personalised skin consultation and education session with one of our advanced dermal therapists to discuss all of your skin concerns and skin related questions.

Whether it be dehydration, acne, pigmentation, redness, ageing or whether you would just like to know more about your skin and why it is functioning the way it is, then a virtual skin consultation is for you!

What happens during a Virtual Skin Consultation?

One of our advanced dermal therapists will take a close look at what topicals you have at home and how you are using them. We will suggest ways to improve your home care routine and make educated recommendations for you to use at home.

We will touch on how we can improve your gut health and some other diet ‘triggers’ which can reduce the body’s inflammation and in turn allow your skin to function better.

No skin is the same and it is most important to ensure you are doing the right things for your skin type and the conditions it presents!

What do I need to prepare beforehand?

Upon booking your consultation, we will send through a short questionnaire for you to fill out and confirm your preferred method of contact for the appointment. We can conduct the consultation over phone or Skype.

We will also ask that you attach some clear photos of your skin. These images should be taken in daylight and with the best lighting available to you. Please avoid any harsh lighting or filters that may not allow us to see your skin properly.

How much does it cost? 

A 30 minute virtual consultation costs $50 and this can be redeemed on product purchases. Free postage is available for purchases of 3 or more products.

Terms & Conditions

• Consultations are available for a specific time and date, between 10am – 2pm. Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
• Please be available for the time slot you have booked, as we do not offer refunds for a failure to pick up.
• The completed questionnaire and skin photos must be submitted no later than 4 hours before your appointment.
• If you wish to rebook a time, please contact us via email at [email protected]
• Our advice is to the highest standard that can be achieved through a virtual consultation. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee or take responsibility for poor internet connection or misinterpretation of the advise given by our advanced dermal therapist.